Choose flooring: parquet or laminate

What is laminate flooring

Sometimes you can hear about a rather dismissive attitude to this type of flooring, which is completely in vain. Laminate flooring is made of the same natural wood as parquet, just wood is used to create pressed and ground into dust. The basis of the laminate is a noise-absorbing substrate, and on top is a photo printing of a pattern imitating the wood species, covered with a protective layer of resin.Expensive laminate in its quality in no way inferior to parquet made of natural wood.

What is parquet

Parquet is made of natural wood entirely and does not differ in such a variety of patterns, because its color is due to the natural shade of the tree from which it is made. It can be an array of oak, ash, beech, cherry, pear and not only. The size of the parquet dies is small and this is another difference from the laminate and the floorboard. The degree of quality of parquet depends on the type of sawing wood and its type, because the price spread of products can be quite large.Parquet is different from laminate and floorboard not only in size. The latter is not made of pressed wood, but from layers of wood, covered with veneer on top.

What is better, parquet or laminate?

The main advantage of the parquet is in its environmental friendliness, as it does not contain additional impurities in the composition. But we must not forget that the lacquer with which it is coated contains chemical components, therefore, in finished form after laying the parquet, due to its environmental properties, it differs little from the laminate. But the main difference between parquet and laminate is not the case. Laminate flooring is not afraid of moisture, while the parquet will be hopelessly ruined if water gets onto it. Also, the outer surface of the laminate is more rigid, therefore this material is better suited for rooms where people wear high heels or run around shoes. Parquet requires leveling the surface and professional skills for its installation, whereas with a laminate with the appropriate tools even a person who does not have experience with these works will cope. But the main advantage of the laminate in its price, which is much lower than the cost of parquet. With proper and careful operation, its service life is at least 5-8 years, and as a minus it may be noted that if the parquet can be restored, then the laminate is not.So there can be no universal answer to the question of what to prefer in a particular situation. It all depends on taste preferences and material capabilities.

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