Chloe Kardashian gave Tristan Thompson a second chance.

Well what can I say - the patience of Chloe Kardashian can only envy. Despite the thoughtless adventures of Tristan Thompson and his discouraging behavior after the basketball player’s infidelity became known to the whole world, Chloe still found the strength to forgive an unwise boyfriend and give him a second chance. And in order to show everyone around that she fully supports Tristan, Chloe even came to his game, which she had only recently categorically refused to do.

“She decided that keeping a family is more important than anything. But at the same time it made clear to Tristan that another similar incident - and she flies to California on the first plane. Tristan gave the word that adultery will not happen again, and she trusted him, ”said a source close to Kardashian.

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