Children's massage mat for feet

Children's foot massage mat  Children's foot massage mat
We will need:
  • cloth or non-slip rubberized material;
  • 4.0 mm hook;
  • acrylic melange stitching threads;
  • multicolor pompon threads ;
  • needle with thick cotton thread.
Step one. We take the basis for our future rug. It can be fabric or rubberized. The last texture is more convenient for tying, due to the finished holes in it. Also, its advantage is that the child on such a rug will not slip during the massage of the legs or play with it. If you do not have one, then replace it with any thick cloth. The non-slip backing can be made later and sewn onto the fabric mat. The size of the rug can be made any, as well as its shape. In this example, the mat will be square.
 Baby foot massage mat
Step two.Metal crochet tie the base. For this fit thick thick thread. The edges of them will hold the shape, even after washing. Such an edging will not allow the edges of the product to be frayed and give the rug an attractive look. The first row of edging is connected along the perimeter of the product - columns with no single crochet. The thread must be fixed on the product so that the first loop is formed on the hook. Now enter the hook through the base from front to back, throwing a working thread on the hook, pull it back. Thus, we got two loops on the hook. Throwing the thread on the hook, stretch it through two loops at the same time. We get one loop on the hook. Then we continue tying the future rug, inserting the hook into the subsequent holes of the base, repeating the above actions.  Children's foot massage mat Step Three . We tie our base with the following second row, performing the columns with nakida. In the second row we knit two double crochets. At the same time, we hook the hook under each loop of the previous row. This will create a “wave” effect. If you want less twisting frills, then it will be enough to make one column with a crochet.Throw a working thread on the hook. Insert the hook from front to back and grab the thread from the back of the base. Pull it to the front. There were three loops. Again, grab the thread with a crochet hook and run it through two loops on the hook. There are two loops left. Last time pull the thread through these remaining loops, getting one. Now it is necessary to repeat all the same actions. We knit in the same loop. The result will be two columns on one loop of the previous row. Then repeat the action.
 Children's foot massage mat
Step four. Preparation of pompons. We take threads of different colors and textures. Minus thread such as "grass", that it is strewing. But such pompons on the rug look more fun and give the feeling of walking on real grass. If you use threads of different composition, we will give the child an opportunity to feel the diversity of tactile sensations when the feet touch the rug. Something softer, another tougher. Pompons are knitted by winding the thread with the left hand on three fingers of the right hand that are folded together. The thicker the winding thread, the more magnificent our pom-pom will be.Therefore, it will look more beautiful on the rug. After winding, gently remove our “bundle” from the fingers of the right hand and drag it in the middle with a thread. The thread can be tied several times and firmly tied in a knot. It is necessary to tighten tight. Now you need to cut the loop on it and cut the longer protruding threads. Pompon is ready. In our version, it is necessary to impose 25 pompons of different colors (5 multi-colored sets).
 Children's massage mat for the feet
Step five. We take a thick strong thread and a needle with a large eye. It is necessary to sew all cooked pompons to our base. It is necessary to sew tightly, but carefully, without tightening the base. It is advisable to take the thread for the needle in the tone of the foundation, so that it is less noticeable.
 Children's massage mat for the feet
Step six. Shake off the remnants of the thread and fan the pompons. Massage mat for baby is ready.
 Baby massage mat for the feet

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