Child or career: what to choose a woman?

There is nothing more beautiful in the world than the birth of new lives. For some reason, people are accustomed to believing that after the birth of a baby, a mother should devote her free time only to him. Usually this happens - mothers go on maternity leave while still pregnant and do not leave him for another 2-3 years after the birth of the child.

But what about those mothers who have such a job that you can’t quit for a couple of years? There are a lot of such women today. These include stars of the theater, cinema, singer, dancer, television, radio presenters, models, etc. Their pace of life does not provide for such long breaks in work, but they, too, like all women, want to become mothers. And here you have to think about what is more important for a woman: a child or a career?

Sitting with a child at home for such a woman means to stray from her work schedule, and no one knows if she can return to it. In most cases, such mothers leave their children under the supervision of grandmothers, hired nannies, and of course they need a housekeeper. And without losing time, immediately after birth, they return to the usual circulation of working days.

But always, when they come home, they feel guilty in front of their children for the lack of attention on their part. These remorse can be called justified, because such mothers deprive their children of the most important thing - mothers. It is at this stage of his life, up to three years old, when he only knows the world, he really needs it. But if you look at the same situation only from a different angle, we will see that a large number of mothers who have the opportunity to constantly be with the child, engage in them and devote their free time instead devote him only to themselves.

At once, it’s necessary to say that it’s very difficult to generalize the situation, and there’s no optimal solution for everyone, because there’s a different solution for each woman.

The decision will always depend on what the woman needs and wants. Even at the oracle in Delphi above the entrance was written "Know yourself." Probably, according to ancient mythology, these words mean that no one will be able to escape from his destiny, and having studied himself, a person will be able to find out what will happen in the future.

Nowadays, this phrase can be interpreted differently: we always have many options and manyideas for solving our problems; you need to be able to listen to your desires, recognize the causes of these desires, why they arise, appreciate what you can and live as you wish, following your most intimate desires and dreams. Only in this way it is possible to decide what is more important in your life - career or the creation of a family, a child and support for comfort in the house.

Many women face difficulties not in choosing between family and career, for them it is a problem to combine these two such important parts of their lives. They do not want to represent their lives without work or a child. They do not want to give up on one or the other, so the throwing from one to the other begins. In psychology, this phenomenon is called intrapsychic conflict, when people suffer from what they want in an ideal and from what they actually have in real life.

It should be noted that in conducting such self-analysis, we should not forget that our ideas about ideals have a great influence on our actions and behavior. Among women it has become very popular to assume that a modern woman can easily combine work and care for her family and support for everyday life in her home.

In making our decision, we must not forget that life is not so simple - it is good to fulfill your duties at work and at the same time to be a good mother and mistress of the house is very difficult and very rarely anyone gets.

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