Chic jewelry made of leather to do real (10 pics)

Fashion is a capricious and very changeable thing, it’s difficult to keep up with it, but we would love to! But, anyway, this characteristic lady affects almost all aspects of our life, because every successful and self-confident person needs to look stylish and relevant.

Another novelty, which has been steadily gaining world popularity and success rates for several years now - these are jewelry made of genuine leather.

Queen's brooch

Such cute little things have long gone beyond the framework of the youth movement, for the manufacture of such ornaments, world brands have taken seriously, since most of the world's celebrities literally adore such decorations.

No wonder, because the leather bracelets or pendants perfectly match almost any style, their most diverse and unusual appearance, they conquered the hearts of the most sophisticated mods and women of fashion, brought their own, special notes of relevance.

Their popularity has spread to such an extent that they even superseded the numerous and most recently favorite jewelry, which, more often than not, are tied to only one, a certain image.

Leather bracelets look very appropriate for summer dresses, T-shirts, combined with business suits and blouses, and their expensive counterparts, inlaid with precious stones, even began to fit into the solemn and evening dresses.

The main thing is to find good stuff

Jewelry was always in fashion, only wealthy segments of the population could pamper themselves with such cute things, and leather accessories were one of the most popular products, because amazing and refined accessories could be made from supple and soft material.

Even in the Middle Ages, jewelry was made from animal skin, which the craftsmen made manually, under the order, such a luxury could not afford to people with small earnings, but, having received several skills of working with the skin, could build such an ornament on their own.

Perfect for summer

And now leather jewelry has a relatively large price, individual copies can be found even in jewelry stores, they got there for their rare and very expensive component - exotic leather options and precious stones.

But we dare to assure you that to make jewelery made from leather with your own hands is real, you get fashionable and stylish things that are not inferior to famous brands.

What do we need?

If you belong to those people whose chests are filled with all sorts of beads, cuttings from beautiful fabric, shiny pebbles, pieces of leather and colorful buttons, rivets and other small things, then, most likely, you are an ideological person and with a creative approach to life.

For stylish people

After all, everything that at first glance may seem unnecessary and "lifeless" can still easily play its second role, providing you with almost all the necessary material to create another fashionable thing. After all, the concept of fashion is very ambiguous, the images are new, and the materials for their creation do not change for years.

So, the main material for creating such jewelry is, of course, the skin, you can get it from an old and unnecessary thing: a jacket, a purse, gloves or even old shoes will do!

Since the skin is a kind of matter, then the tools used to work with it are similar to those needed for sewing. In order to cut a piece of leather,You can use the usual sharp scissors, but if you decide to engage in this business seriously and often, then you need a special shoemaker knife - it differs from the usual one with a specific blade, beveled at an angle.

In addition, you will need special needles for stitching the skin, sometimes parts of the bracelets are interconnected by lacing, for this they pre-make holes with a punch or sew.

Do not forget to take care of multiple accessories, how you will attach them to the skin (sometimes you have to sit on the glue - rubber or shoe).

How to make a simple bracelet made of genuine leather?

First, you need to decide on a sketch of the product, draw it to start on a piece of cardboard or look at the appearance of one of the already made bracelets, after which we will try to recreate it with your own hands.

For young and stylish

Consider the fastener of your bracelet - usually put buttons with rivets, you can even make them a few pieces, suddenly the hand will change in size and you will need to loosen or tighten the strap. Some types of bracelets mean a buckle with leather laces - also convenient and beautiful.

We put our sketch on a sheet of cardboard - with accuracy we measure out all sizes, we leave an allowance for the fastener. Now we transfer our sketch to a piece of leather - for this, we cut a bracelet out of cardboard and apply it to a piece of material, cut it around with a piece of soap and cut it with scissors or a shoemaker's knife.

The most simple decoration

It is most convenient to cut on a thick and wide board, because a sharp blade can damage the surface on which your pattern lies. If your bracelet consists of several parts, now it's time to connect them together - pierce the holes in the right places with an awl, and drag the leather string between them.

Now the most difficult thing is installing a fastener button. In order for it to fall into place, you will need a special device - something resembling a piercer, making an effort, the button will crash into the skin. It is easier to sew the usual fastener, but here you need to follow the neat and even seam, which is also not always easy.

Luxury and beauty

The final stage is the decoration of a leather product with various accessories and nice things: someone likes rhinestones and stones, and someone likes metal rivets, chains and thorns.

Whichever style you choose,In any case, your product will play with original colors, because such decorations have characteristic notes of individuality, even if you borrow a sketch.

Making a bracelet is simple

Specialized stores for needlework sell a huge variety of cute little things and specialized decor for such leather products, you just need to turn on the fantasy and decide what to combine with.

The more decorations the better

In fact, leather jewelry is very diverse and multifaceted, and this applies not only to bracelets, because of this material make a huge variety of other accessories: straps, earrings, pendants and even brooches!

Difficult, but beautiful decoration

A distinctive feature of such gizmos is their increased durability and lack of special care, because a leather bracelet or leather cord for a pendant can serve its owner for a very long time, while maintaining a presentable and well-groomed appearance.

Each bracelet looks different, it is very interesting and fashionable now to combine several identical or very different copies on one hand, which gives the image its own, light and elegant style. Of course, from the first time to create a masterpiece is quite difficult, but having trained you will be able to please yourself with all beautiful and professional things.

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