Chevapchichi - meat sausages of the Balkan Peninsula

  • Vladimir

    At will ... and if not, they eat it raw ?!

  • Anonymous

    Everything is good, except for the name, in my opinion. It is better to leave the former - sausages, they are sausages. And then from these consonant sounds - the appetite goes away and you are not in the mood to cook this rubbish with the letter “H”.

  • Lyudmila

    It looks like kebab, there is fried on skewers over coals or in a pan. It looks like kebab, which is cooked on coals, ready to fall asleep with chopped onions.

  • Anonymous


  • valentin

    Thanks for the recipe and explanation!

  • Anonymous

    Kebapcheto the correct name)))

  • Anonymous

    even as you name, incredible yummy!

  • Vladislav
  • Yes, what a pancake rahnitsa, as they are called.

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