Charming crochet knit thing you can do today

Pick up beautiful colors of yarn, be patient and a few hours of free time and tie this wonderful colorful blanket with your own hands! Technique of sea waves will give the finished product originality and special charm. You can choose as many colors as you like - the result will surely exceed your expectations.

To work, prepare:

  • hook;
  • wool threads (you can use the rest of the yarn);
  • scissors;
  • needle.

Knitting scheme:

Getting started:

1. Dial a column of air loops (VP) on the desired width of the product.

2. When done, make a curly line that will resemble a sea wave. This is done very simply: first, as usual, turn the hook, dial one loop of rise. Then tie the first four loops with single crochets (SCN), and in the fifth loop, knit three SBNs.Such a move will lead to the fact that the whole series will bend, like a sea wave.

3, 4. The third and fourth rows fit strictly along the second row, without decreasing or increasing loops.

5. On the fifth row we begin to knit an openwork transition. Pull the hook through the first 2 loops of the previous row without knitting the yarn. From the next third loop, make six lifting loops. Then, hook the hook into the fourth loop and make a column with four capes (CCN). Then make another column with four CLOs. From the next loop, make three columns with four CLS.

6. In order to descend from the resulting wave, make two columns with four CCH in the next two loops, and leave the next two loops inside empty. Then repeat all over again to the very end of the row.

7. At this stage, you can change the yarn to another. Knit a series of sc.

8. And two more that will exactly repeat the previous one.

Continue with a different color the same.

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