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Materials and tools:

Here is the minimum list of tools for those who decide to do the repair of the apartment on their own.

  1. Roulette 2; 3 or 10 meters;
  2. Building level (carpentry hydraulic) - used to accurately mark horizontal surfaces;
  3. Plumb - a guarantee of evenness of the walls during plastering;
  4. Metallic ruler and square;(this MC is not used)
  5. A cord with a tightly stretched cord is required to set up beacons for alignment
  6. Fanarik; (not necessary - in the case of the presence of dark corners(this MC is not used))
  7. A3 or A4 sheet of paper;
  8. Stepladder;
  9. Scrap, sledgehammer, chisel, hammer, nail puller, pliers, screwdrivers, trowel.
  10. Electric drill, perforator, grinder, jigsaw - power tools can facilitate the work. It is more expensive, but power tools can be rented;
  11. Scissors with long blades, sharp stationery knife;
  12. Trowel, spatula, rule;
  13. Brushes of various sizes and shapes;
  14. Rollers with different skin;
  15. Brushes, mops, vacuum cleaner, buckets, rags, garbage bags;
  16. respirator and mask;
  17. Hammer;
  18. Paint tank (container for glue, paint, primer, etc.);
  19. Sandpaper (different grain) for smoothing surfaces,
  20. masking tape (for neat painting)
  21. Electric wires;
  22. Unpacking box -4pcs;
  23. Extenders - 4 pcs;
  24. Paper for printing machines - A4 48.8 g / m2 whiteness 68% CIE 500 Art. 5221
  25. Napkins
  26. Hairspray;
  27. Print file;
  28. PVA glue;
  29. Primer-antiseptic
  30. Acrylic white paint;
  31. PVC ceiling boards
  32. Koller;
  33. Adhesive for PVC materials Titanium
  34. Heat resistant stained paints;
  35. Plinth and screws.

Step 1

Performing measurements.

Primary - the measurement of the apartment’s premises starts from the general to the particular, first of all, load-bearing structures, heights, balconies, and only then electrical leads, shields and sanitary communications, etc.

We carry out the measurement of the premises always around the perimeter, clockwise. We record two main sizes - the length and width of the protrusions. If a complex-shaped room is a column, it will become attached to the plan a little later.

Find out the area of ​​the room - multiply the length by the width. (S = a * b)

Find out the perimeter of the room by adding the lengths of all sides of the room (P = 2 (a + b))

It is imperative that you measure the height of the room in several places in each room from floor to ceiling, as the floors are often uneven.

To measure the width of the door and window opening.

The window is measured after measurements have been made around the perimeter. First, you just need to measure the width of both the left and right depth. Thus, we check whether the slopes are even. Then the depth of the window is measured. The height of the window is also measured in two places, and if the window is arched, then in three places, additionally still in the center. Do not forget to lock the height of the window from the floor.

Like the window, it is measured as seen. Temporary doors are not counted and not measured. The door height is measured from the concrete to the concrete, ie, wood inserts, platbands (if any) are not taken into account. Also removed and the dimensions of the width of the doorway. Do not forget to measure the opening depth.

Step 2

Removing the old finish, dismantling partitions, floors, cleaning the ceiling from whitewashing or wallpaper, etc.expansion of openings, drilling holes, strobirovaniya channels for communication. In this MK window can not be replaced, the room is strictly rectangular. It is necessary to drill holes and straighten the channels under the socket and remove the switch outside the room.

Step 3

After cleaning the room, all the shortcomings are visible. It turned out that under the wallpaper such cracks and holes, and plans, costs, materials and tools have changed and increased.

Step 4

After cleaning the wall and ceiling, it is better to treat it with an antiseptic primer.

Antiseptic primers are designed for treating mineral, wood and other surfaces before finishing.

Step 5

After cleaning the premises to begin electrical work and supply communications. It uses a special electrical installation. It is desirable that these works be performed by specially trained people, i.e. professionals.

The sockets were lowered to the floor, so it was necessary to build up the wires, lay in the channel, patch the hole for the hinged box and install the socket on the elongated wire. An extension cord was used.In this form, the outlet will not interfere with the arrangement of furniture. The socket is quite mobile and can be moved a distance of 15-20 cm from the wall.

Step 6

Putty, made by own hands, will not bring the desired result, if the surface of the ceiling has strong differences and deviations from the level. Any shortcomings will clearly appear on the painted surface, especially in artificial light.

To determine the flatness of the ceiling, you need to find the lowest angle in the room and put a mark at the junction of the walls and the ceiling. Using the construction level, draw a straight line to the next corner and thus connect all the corners.

Thanks to this, you can quickly determine the curvature of the base. If this parameter is less than a centimeter, then the ceiling must be leveled with a starting putty. If the deviation is 1.5 -2 cm, then the base will have to be plastered before the putty.

If the figure exceeds 2 cm, then the alignment of the ceiling is possible only with plasterboard sheets.

In this MC, the ceiling is perfectly flat, with the exception of splits from the decorative elements-stucco and chips in the joints of the ceiling slabs.

So you do not need to plaster, you can immediately go to the starting putty.

  1. Mass is collected with a narrow spatula and transferred to a wide spatula or trowel, and then applied to the ceiling surface, starting from the corner.
  2. The tool must be firmly pressed to the base, carefully pressing the mixture, filling all cracks and grooves.
  3. You should level the applied material so that the coating does not have stripes on the borders of the treated areas.
  4. After the layer has dried, it must be sanded in a circular motion using a construction trowel.

To avoid flaws in the process, experts recommend checking the surface of the light directed at it from the bulb.

Then a finishing putty is applied to the ceiling. The mixture is applied with smooth movements, starting from the far wall, if necessary, a second layer can be applied to eliminate microcracks and tool marks.

After drying, wipe the surface with emery paper and prime it.

Step 7

For plastering a smooth concrete wall, a plaster mix will be required. In this case, the primer of the base surface is required. When plastering rough concrete, both cement and plaster compositions are used.

Beacons do not need to be exposed; the surface to be plastered occupies the minimum area.

Next, the wall must be putty.

Step 8

The ceiling is painted sky blue with acrylic paint and color schemes.

The ceiling and walls are sanded and grounded. Now you can fantasize and create.

Step 9

Lay new linoleum on the floor. This MK uses Household linoleum on a fabric basis.

photo to:

Photos after:

Step 10

It was decided to make a deck of a page of walls with napkins with small flowers of Chamomile.

The wall must be pasted over with typewriter paper. To glue it it is necessary on glue PVA with diluted water to the state of brewed starch (jelly)

Step 11

Put a napkin face up on a print file and treat with hairspray.

After the lacquer dries, the napkin becomes denser and must be turned over to the print file with the wrong side up.

Cover the wall with a solution of PVA with water and apply a print file with a napkin lying on it. Smooth.

So paste all the napkins.

After drying the wipes, the gluing joints will not be visible.

Step 12

You can glue pre-prepared skirting pasted ceiling skirting.

The plinth is better divided into several parts and pasted with napkins based on the picture on the wall. Napkins on the baseboard are glued, as well as on the wall. And after complete drying, they are glued to the ceiling with a special glue for PVC materials.

You can glue radiator pipes.

Step 13

This is how the walls look after the napkins dry up.

A beautiful combination of colors, bright red and delicate summer green and blue with small daisies.

Step 14

The door, of course, was installed by a professional.

Step 14

Doors are the most important element of an apartment and room. No matter how smart the repair is, if the doors are old and scary, they will spoil the whole impression.

Doors-coupes, looks amazing, places are freed up a lot, move in along the wall, do not need any limiters and not the necessary concern on the topic: "The door knob is knocking against the wall and spoiling the wallpaper."

The door walks along the wall and hides behind the cabinet.

Step 15

Cut petals from ordinary PVC ceiling tiles and paint with acrylics. After drying, glue on glue for PVC materials in a circle to the ceiling around the wires of the ceiling lamp. For a snug fit of the petals at the time of drying, secure them with a molar tape. If a hook is installed in the ceiling, it must be removed. After drying, a guest electrician installed my painted lamp.

Step 16

A white round luminaire with a glass ceiling should be painted with heat-resistant stained-glass paints.

After drying, the luminaire must be suspended and it is better to let it be done by a professional.

Step 17

From the remnants of PVC plates you can make small daisies and attach them to the walls and ceiling in a chaotic manner.

Step 18

Install the floor plinth.

Step 19

Old jeans, stitch along the side seam and the inner seam. On the front part in the metal-repair, they installed eyelets, for beauty and to preserve the heat exchange of the battery. A waistband to close and sew, the pipe rests against it. Sew on the elastic bands to the side and inner cuts of the legs. Put everything on the battery and tied the bows on the gum.

Step 20

The most basic dirty work is over. But for a complete final interior, it is not enough to decorate the window, throw rugs and a bristle according to the general theme of the room. MK Tulle "Daisy"

dedicated to just decorating the window.

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