Causes of premature ovarian failure

Doctors have not been able to precisely determine the cause of premature ovarian extinction. However, it is believed that the main factors causing this pathology are genetic disruptions or problems with the immune system. For example, in the case of an immune disease, the body receives signals that the body’s own tissues are its enemies. And he begins to actively attack them. For example, it may come under attack by the ovary.
As for genetic disruptions, they can also cause quite serious problems. After all, the menstrual cycle is directly dependent on fluctuations in the level of hormones in a woman’s body. And if there are problems with the correct hormonal metabolism, it can easily cause early menopause.
Also among the causes of early menopause include various chromosomal abnormalities, as well as hereditary predisposition, transmitted from mother to daughter.Physicians, on the basis of research, found that in half of the diagnosed cases, it was the burdened family analysis that was observed in women with early ovarian extinction. The study observed not only mothers and daughters, but also looked at the sisters.
As an option, early menopause is noted in women who had previously had rubella, mumps, streptococcal infection. These infectious diseases are considered to be quite serious, and it is due to the complications that they can give.
Also, early ovarian depletion can be observed in women who are keen on fasting, including and therapeutic, suffering from beriberi and in a state of depression and stress. All these problems easily cause disruptions in the normal functioning of the body.
Harmful habits of the mother, such as smoking and alcohol abuse, as well as working on harmful (chemical) production can reduce the number of germ cells that are the precursors of eggs. 15 years is enough for the number of cells to be exhausted.
Problems with the ovaries can manifest themselves in the event of serious medical interventions, for example, a performed hysterectomy, various abdominal surgeries.In addition, the treatment of oncology — radiotherapy, radiation and chemotherapy — has an extremely negative effect on ovarian function. However, it should be borne in mind that in case of such reasons, the ovaries can recover in a few years and begin to fully function.

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