The buyer against H & M, or Why brands do not sew clothes of large sizes

Despite the body-positive, fashion brands still do not want to expand their size range. The buyer of H & M Ruth Clemence faced this when she could not fasten the jeans of the largest, 16th size. The girl was so upset that she immediately posted a picture on Facebook,expressing all his indignation:

I am not obese (at least, my weight does not cause me problems), my height is 180 cm, I have the usual average figure. Then why is it so hard for me to find suitable clothes ?! Why does H & M sew jeans only for miniature girls? Am I too fat for even the largest size clothes ?!

In the era of social networks, the indignation of the customer remained unanswered: the post not only collected over 90 thousand likes, 12 thousand reposts and 10 thousand comments, in which users took the side of the girl who felt defective in the dressing room, but also reached the H & M brand. A company representative apologized to the customer and promised to take into account the criticism and take action.

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