Buyabes - hearty and delicious fish soup

Every self-respecting gourmet should know about the existence of such a well-known French soup, because bouillabaisses have long become a true culinary classic of sunny Marseille and of France as a whole.

It was from the Mediterranean coast that this surprisingly tasty and very healthy soup began its proud existence, once it was called food for the poor and fishermen, who could cook themselves dinner only from what was left of the day's catch.

Today, the buyabesa recipe has changed somewhat, like any dish of haute cuisine, has acquired some special features and expensive ingredients, and it is served in almost every French restaurant.

However, it must be said that the only recipe for bouillabaisse, which could be called the most correct, does not exist: even in its own country, this fish soup can be prepared quite differently.

The main thing is to preserve the common features of the dish: the presence of at least 5 types of fish and seafood, as well as a combination of a specific list of spices, which give the dish that unique Mediterranean flavor.

By the way, there is even a certain set of fish species that are added to the true Marseille soup, for example, it is sea scorpion, sea rooster and others. It is believed that the more varieties of fish are added to the bouillabaistes, the more rich and tasty it is. According to some recipes there are up to 19 varieties of fish in one broth!

But do not think that if you didn’t have this rooster on hand, you will not be able to cook a real bouillabaisse at home. Your desire is quite feasible even with the fish that is in your latitudes, the main thing is to observe some subtleties of the process.

Cooking delicious bouillabaisse

So, as we have said, the most important thing is, of course, fish: for the taste to turn out really real, you need to use at least 4-5 varieties. You can choose from what you have in stores, by weight the fish should pull out about 800 grams and, if you decide to add seafood, there are 200 grams more (shrimps, squids and mussels).

Salmon fillet, tilapia, pink salmon and any other, not very expensive fish, on the basis of which the broth will boil, will be suitable as a fish platter.

What else?

The next question is spices.Of course, everyone can add what they like to him, but one of the important components of such a dish is the so-called “bouquet of garni”. It includes a certain number of spices - laurel leaves (1-2 leaves), grated orange peel (tablespoon), black pepper (peas), nutmeg, saffron, thyme, ground ginger, basil, cloves. All of them are added to taste, folded into a common cotton or linen bag.

Now there are vegetables. In principle, buyabes will be delicious even if it only has a fish palette and spices, but some additional ingredients will decorate it even more.

According to the classic recipe, several cloves of garlic, two or three potatoes, a pair of onions, several stalks of celery, and one large tomato are added. Also, for a special taste, you will need a glass of dry white wine. Well, let's try to cook this amazing fish soup!

To begin with, we will put the broth: for it, they usually use the heads, tails and bones of the fish, which will later be used to make soup. If there is some small fish, it can also be sent to boil the broth.Fillet expensive fish leave for later.

After the broth is cooked, it will need to be drained and all bones will be thrown away. The fillet of the remaining fish is cleaned, cut into large cubes. Prepare shrimp and squid: they must also be peeled and cut into slices.

While the broth reaches the desired condition, prepare a "bouquet" of spices and drop the bag directly into the soup. As a result, the seasonings will not remain in it, but will ennoble it with their pleasant aroma. At the same time we are engaged in vegetables: the main subtlety of bouillabaisse is that they all need to be pre-fry.

Peel the potatoes, cook in a saucepan and mash them in mashed potatoes. Fry the separately chopped garlic cloves, add the crumbled onions. A little later, knead the tomato and spread it to the onion, then pour in the wine. Strain the broth mixed with vegetable preparation (the whole process is better to carry out in a large cauldron).

Put the slices of fillet into the soup, cook it together for about 20 minutes, after which you can remove the bag of spices. There we also put seafood, potatoes and boil for another 5 minutes. That's all, a tasty dish with a beautiful history is ready in your kitchen!

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