Butter at Home

Everyone loves butter, because it can be spread on sandwiches and put in porridge. In addition, butter is an integral ingredient in many culinary dishes. Today, stores offer a wide range of oils, but not every one of them is tasty and of high quality. I would like to share a recipe for butter, which can be cooked at home. This recipe will also make it clear how much this top-quality product really should cost. To make butter, you only need fat cream (from 33%). The yield is very small, for example, from 1 incomplete cup of cream, 25 g butter is obtained. Well, here and consider how much high-quality oil should cost in stores. If the price of its sale is lower, then it is clear that there are some additives in the oil that increase its volume. In the production, oil is made with the help of powerful whipping devices, at home you can use a mixer for this. Since the mixer nozzles are small, it is more convenient to make butter from small portions of cream, for example, a glass.It is better to use narrow pots with high edges for whipping. 1. So, pour the cream into a container and whisk with a mixer at speed 2.
2. In the first stage of whipping the cream, they turn into a light foam with bubbles that spills from a spoon.
 whipping cream
3. Continue to whisk the mass further at the same speed.
 beat the mass
4. The mass gradually thickens and is not so easy, but still falls from the spoon when it is turned over. Beat the mass further.
 beat the mass
5. Now the cream resembles the texture of cottage cheese with a yellowish tinge.
 resemble the texture of the cottage cheese
Before the butter is ready, mix a little more with a mixer. 6. It is easy to see that small pieces of butter stick to the blades of the mixer.
 with a yellowish tint
 stick to the mixer blades
7.At this time, the butter and the separated milk are well visible in the cream, the mass is splashing very heavily, so the high edges of the form are very relevant.
 stick to the mixer blades
8. Now the butter needs to be thrown back on the sieve so that the glass has all the milk. It can be used for other purposes.
 oil is viewed
9. The example shows how much oil is obtained as a result. To prepare this amount of oil took no more than 10 minutes. Now you need to put it in the fridge so that it is cooled and hardened.
 Butter at Home
Butter in home conditions
 Butter at Home

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