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Alina Gasumyanova, founder and director of the Agassy brand, told in an exclusive interview with Woman’s Day how to turn a hobby into a profitable business and devote her life to creativity not to the detriment of family life.

“I am a lawyer by education and specialty. With the advent of children, I considered it necessary to make a choice in favor of the family; I left behind almost a 10-year career in the civil service, since numerous foreign business trips and work from dawn to dawn seemed incompatible with harmonious communication with family. I went to teaching at the university and at the same time went into creative work, which has always been my hobby, but I never had enough time for it. ”

How it all began

Alina Gasumyanova
Alina Gasumyanova, founder of the Agassy brand
Photo: Agassy Press Service

A couple of years ago, in a rush of experiments, I created as a gift the first jewelry box for accessories. It was based on finished carpentry work. Immediately showered requests from girlfriends and, as a consequence, the appearance of my work in social networks. I really liked this idea: on the one hand, I paint and realize myself as an artist, on the other - this is not just a picture, but a practical piece of furniture.And I decided to develop this theme of personal design boxes.

Focused solely on their experience. Firstly, I have a lot of jewelry and accessories, and I know exactly how to store them correctly and conveniently (and that there is always something in the ready-made patterned caskets that doesn’t have enough space).

Secondly, I have children with a mass of accessories that I want to keep as a keepsake: from the first clothes from discharge from the maternity hospital to the first spoons, rattles and their drawings - this is how the idea of ​​hand-painted memorial boxes was born.

For the realization of my venture, I found good carpenters and cabinetmakers, at first I worked with them piece by piece, and later with the increase in sales I rented a full-cycle production. I read a lot of literature about woodworking, took master classes from professional decorators in mastering various techniques, so as not to limit customers to painting only, but to apply aging, gilding, imitation of lace, stone, volumetric decor, etc.

Understanding of what demand is, what product I have in the end, what it is in demand for and what, in general, everything grows from a hobby into a business, came six months later. Then I went through all the legal procedures for registering myself as a participant in the market for these services.Appeared brand

Recently, we carried out a rebranding and made the AGASSY group, since in these two years new independent areas have appeared:

  • - caskets;
  • is a creative studio with master classes and lectures;
  • AGASSY.bags - wooden bags and handmade brooches.

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