Bulk picture of orange peels do it yourself

Bulk picture of orange peels do it yourselfOrange is a noble tasty fruit that is full of vitamins and other useful ingredients. If we are happy to eat the orange flesh, then the peel of this fruit is most often thrown into the trash. But it could well be useful for creativity and become an excellent material for interesting crafts. The orange crust has many features that make it a unique material for handmade products.


First - the smell, because it contains a large number of essential oils. Thanks to this, the crust exudes a wonderful aroma even after drying. Secondly - a bright orange color, symbolizing warmth and cheerfulness. It does not tarnish even after a long time. Thirdly, drying out, it hardens and remains in the same form in which it was laid out in its raw form.


From the peel of this fruit, you can make a lot of crafts: pendants, baskets, stands for candles,flowers and even caskets! We present to your attention a unique element of decor, which can be made from this material - a picture of orange peels. The method of its manufacture is very simple and does not require large financial costs. And what will turn out in the end, will surprise you and your loved ones with its originality and beauty.


Picture of orange peels: how to do


The picture has two main components: orange roses and the base on which they will be attached. The number of roses is selected based on the size of the picture you want to make, and on the peel thickness of the oranges used.

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