Budget cake "Banana Box"

Turn the oven on 200 degrees. While it warms up, prepare the biscuit dough. It will be the basis of the cake. Separate the whites from the yolks. Yolks should not get into the whites. Slowly add half of the normal sugar, whisk proteins to stable peaks. This means that the proteins do not fall off and keep their shape if the mixer corollas are pulled out. In order for proteins to be whipped better, they must be fresh, chilled, and the dishes must be clean and squeaky. Before beating in proteins, you can add a couple of drops of lemon juice or a few grains of salt. Beat the yolks with the remaining sugar, which was measured to prepare the dough. The mixture should double. Now gently mix the whipped whites and yolks, sprinkling flour in small portions, stir the dough from top to bottom with a spoon, trying not to deprive the dough of its lightness. Cover the form with baking paper or parchment. Grease only the bottom with a slice of margarine or butter. If you lubricate the sides of the form, the biscuit rises worse.Send biscuit in the oven for 25 minutes. Remove the finished cake from the mold and cool.

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