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The road of the nice guy to the actor Olympus continues. Although this hardworking and stubborn Capricorn (born January 5, 1975) obstacles are not terrible. Continuing to stay in great shape and weigh 80 kg with height of 185 cm, Bradley is always ready for the new. It is possible that genes are pushing him to such combat readiness for an active and vibrant life. Born in Philadelphia (USA), a man adopted Irish consistency, Italian emotionality and American love of freedom from his parents (Charlie and Gloria).

At the age of 12, the teenage bully was influenced by the painting “The Elephant Man” by D. Lynch. The story of a man, not like everyone else, touched Bradley. The unbeatable desire to be able to play on the stage professionally, so that the quality of the art and the authenticity of the actions delighted the audience, prompted the young man to take acting courses. Such frenetic learning touched not only the “Expanded Arts Program”, where the actor succeeded, but also basic training. After school, the young man entered Villanova University, but the oldest University of Pennsylvania was not to their liking.The creative vocation took over, and the future actor, after completing the first course, transferred to Georgetown University (Bill Clinton graduated from it). Cheerful optimist Bradley Cooper was not embarrassed by the fact that for the future promotion will need a round sum. The educational institution granted him a loan in the amount of 70 thousand conventional units. A promising man spent them profitably when he entered the dramatic school of the freest city - New York.

The actor fulfilled his childhood dream, choosing that “Elephant Man” as his thesis. Teachers began to realize that in front of them - an extraordinary person.

  • Bradley Cooper
    Bradley Cooper
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Not a boy, but a man. The actor's “trail” of a favorite of all the representatives of the fair sex was not devoid of difficulties. Episodes in television productions were just the beginning. A happy moment for Bradley Cooper was the role in the cult TV series "Sex and the City." The sexual hooligan was noticed, after which they offered a role in another popular project - “Law and Order”, of the “One-Eye Series”. The second "eye" wanted to see an interesting actor in the multiseries "Spy".The world of show business, yearning for new faces and "live" games awarded the artist "Golden Globe."

Bradley Cooper did not refuse even from a low-budget movie, since acting demand is perishable. And the directors of such films as “Hot American Summer” and “Carnival of Dating”, with the help of a recognizable person extended the life of their projects.

The role of the fun and the joker was supported by such films as “Always say yes”, popular among the younger generation of the film “Love and other troubles”.

Among the talented personalities, Bradley Cooper managed to feel himself only after filming in “Uninvited Guests”. The actor got into his rut ​​for a long time: it is “To promise is not to marry,” “Case number 39”, about love for an important city in his autobiography - “New York, I love you!”.

Popularity, money, demand flooded the sexual hooligan in 2009. The apotheosis of a funny, reckless image can be called "The Bachelor Party in Vegas." This is a business card on which an equal sign is placed between the person of the resilient Philadelphian and his character.

  • Bradley Cooper
    Bradley Cooper
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The following role (the hero of science fiction films), the actor delighted the audience in the film about the undervalued capabilities of the brain ("The Domain of Darkness"). The image in the film “Words” became entangled in a lie. Criminal paintings also turned out to be good if Bradley Cooper is involved. But this period from 2010 to 2012 would not be so significant without another role.

With the acquisition of a more "star" status, the actor was able to show the directors and fans of a deeper and more subtle nature, which may be hiding under the guise of playfulness and a certain stupidity ("My boyfriend is crazy"). After such a game, no one doubts two things: that men are also unpredictable, like women, and that Cooper is a truly talented dramatic actor.

In 2013, the picture “Serena” was published, where the artist demonstrated a character with a complex personal destiny, a desire to be a father, a good husband and a man. Trying to combine sometimes not coinciding social roles, the hero comes to unexpected conclusions ... Next, 2014, also presented the audience with a complex, but no less interesting film with the participation of an Oscar nominee. “Sniper” film premiere about a soldier fighting in Iraq and driving almost 300 opponents out of the way, the film was highly appreciated by critics.Still would! Such an actor has not yet seen! And you see the hand of another master, Clint Eastwood, who worked on the painting.

During 2015 - 2016 the actor is still being filmed in the cinema (a continuation of the “Field of Darkness”) and is awaiting an Oscar. And in the breaks between exhausting shootings he has time to plunge into the world of female charm ...

Bradley Cooper's personal life

Bradley Cooper from the series of those men who are trying to make happy as many women as possible - beautiful and desirable by many. For the first time a stamp in the snow-white blank passport of a Hollywood handsome man was delivered in 2006. The same mark appeared in his wife - actress Jennifer Esposito. Exactly 4 months, young people realized that such freedom-loving individuals should not be bound by bonds.

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    Bradley Cooper with a girl
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Friendly relations with Renee Zellweger in a joint project (x / f "Case number 39") over time developed into a closer relationship. But the wedding did not happen. One of the versions is a career man.

Relationship with his youngest for 18 years Suki Waterhouse stopped after 2 years of a beautiful romance and acquaintance with their parents. Alas, stellar employment has its disadvantages in the form of permanent departures and long distances.

The romance of a courageous actor and a sexual Russian woman known to the world under the name of Irina Shayk became the hottest relationship. Love never managed to grow into something more, because the artist's mother did not approve her son's choice. But now Bradley Cooper will have more time for film productions, and attentive fans will have hope.

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