Brad Pitt wants to move closer to the children and Angelina Jolie

The ups and downs between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will not subside. Back in April, foreign media wrote that the star couple finally settled all issues related to the divorce process, and is about to sign all the necessary papers, but in fact the matter does not even think of moving from the dead point. First, the couple can not share the estate in the south of France with the romantic name of Chateau Miraval, which was acquired in 2009: Angelina insists on selling the house, and Pitt opposes. Secondly, the eldest son of the actors Maddox suddenly quarreled with his mother and now wants to live with his father. Brad persuades the 16-year-old boy not to hurry with the move and wait until everything is settled with the divorce and custody of the children (Jolie, we want to remind, wants all six of them to stay with her). How it will end is unknown.

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