Bikini Battle: Kardashian vs. Sofia Richie

Coral separate swimsuits, gorgeous bronze tan, beautiful figures - these beauties, brunettes and can not be distinguished at first glance from each other. Courtney in her 39 looks as young as her 20-year-old rival.

Yes, yes, these celebrities are competing not only in terms of beach outfits. The piquancy of the situation is added by the fact that Sofia is now meeting with Courtney's former boyfriend, Scott Disick.

Recall, Courtney and Scott broke up in 2015 after nine years of civil marriage due to the endless betrayal of Disik. After that, the macho began to change the girls like gloves, and then met Sophia. And they, despite the difference in age at 15 years, it seems, everything is serious. Disika's friends claim that he became a completely different person from Richie.

And the Kardashian family cannot calm down and is constantly provoking Sophia to jealousy.

For example, on a recent birthday party, Kylie Jenner, where Scott was invited, was put next to his former common-law wife, and Kim took it all on the phone and put it on Instagram. But contrary to expectations, Sophia and Scott did not quarrel over these photos.On vacation, they look very happy.

But at Courtney with a personal life does not go well. This summer, she broke up with her next boyfriend Younes Bejim.

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