Best names for your dog

If you have a pet, then you probably think about how to call it. There are a great many nicknames for dogs, but how to decide and make a decision? You will find some useful tips below.

What you need to consider when choosing a nickname for a dog?

Choosing a dog name is an important and responsible business. There is even a popular expression: "As you call a ship, it will sail like that." And indeed it is. Many believe that the name affects the life and character of a person, and some have confirmed this more than once. Is the dog worse?

It must be beautiful

She also has certain traits that a nickname can also influence. But there are other important points, let us dwell on each of them.


If you buy a pet in a club, kennel or from a distinguished breeder, then he will have a pedigree. This dog is sold immediately with the documents. In this case, the breeder can give the name himself, but this does not mean that you will call your pet that way.

You can come up with a second simpler name. Sometimes you want to give a nickname, starting with a certain letter, which will depend on the breed of dog, as well as on its breeding affiliation. This requirement makes it easier to choose a name.

Letters, syllables, pronunciation

A dog is a rather intelligent animal, but human language cannot be perceived and understood literally. Surely, you have noticed that all the teams that are used in training and that are taught to dogs are short and sonorous, otherwise our smaller friends simply would not perceive them.

Dogs in the boat

The name of the animal must also meet these requirements. So do not choose too long names, the name should ideally consist of one or a maximum of two syllables, your pet simply will not accept longer words.

In addition, pay attention to the ringing and sonorous nicknames, they will learn to respond faster to your pet. And even better the dogs perceive names in which the stress falls on the first syllable.

If it falls on the second, then the pet may simply skip the first syllable, and will not pay attention to the second. It turns out that, having called the dog, you will not achieve the desired result and will not attract it.

Consider the fact that certain letters can affect the formation of character.So, solid, rumbling or growling sounds (such as “P”, “Z”, “D”) will allow you to raise an animal with a strong character. But if the nickname has more soft letters (for example, "M", "L", "H"), then the pet will be softer.

Pet Appearance


Take a look at your four-sided friend. He probably reminds you of some kind of fairy tale or cartoon character or hero of the film. Try to describe the appearance of the dog in one capacious word. Such a nickname can come to your pet and even please him.

Influence of the breed on the nickname

Breed also affects the choice of nicknames for dogs. There are certain established customs and traditions.

  • So, it is customary to choose nicknames for beagles taking into account endurance or the timbre of the animal's voice. Such names as Trele, Zvon and others are common.
  • If you have a greyhound, then you can choose a nickname for her to take into account the qualities of the pet. You can find such names as Fierce, Wind, Grozny and so on.
  • For likes, nicknames are chosen, taking into account not only the quality, but also the conditions and places of use of animals. There are such names as Sharp-witted, North, Taiga, Fog.
  • Nicknames of service breeds are usually short and sonorous: Alpha, Rex, Boy, Gerd and others.
  • You can take into account the origin of the breed. For example, such names as Schwartz, Mina, Maya and others are characteristic of German breeds. Italian breed dogs can be called Baggio, Bonito.
  • Clicks for hunting dogs must simultaneously reflect the character of the animal and be sonorous so that the pet immediately responds to its name.
  • If your friend is a simple and faithful mongrel, then choose a nickname for her simpler: Friend, Faithful, Mukhtar.

Dog size

If a big dog can be called some kind of sonorous and formidable name, then if you call a small dog in this way, then it may sound and look ridiculous. So do not try to "make an elephant out of a fly".


A true friend

Not only the name has an impact on the character. Character traits can help choose a nickname for an animal. So, if the puppy seeks to lick everyone, give him some gentle and affectionate name. If the pet flirts with others, even if the nickname will be playful. If an animal from an early age is calm and serious, consider this when choosing a name.

What does the nickname mean?

Be sure to find out the meaning of the nickname, especially if you believe in the influence of the name on the fate and nature of the animal.By the way, if you figure out what a particular name means, it can help you decide quickly.

What nicknames and names can be used?


The fantasy of dog owners is sometimes limitless. But if your imagination is not so developed, use one of the following options.

Simple human names

If you are not afraid that when trying to call a dog on you can turn a few people, then consider the human names. This, incidentally, is very original.

Foreign names

If common simple names seem too trivial to you, use foreign names. Remember the celebrities from other countries, probably the name of one of them is suitable for your pet.

Nicknames of famous dogs

There are a lot of movies and cartoons in which the main characters are dogs. So, remember the names of such characters, probably one of them will appeal to you and your pet.

Common nicknames

How can you name a dog? So, as they call pets many. Learn the commonly used and common nicknames, one of them may come up.

The boy can be called one of the following names: Rex, Archie, Tyson, Baron, Lord, Ralph, Rich, Zeus, Oscar, Cupid, Earl, Marcel, Hachi, Simon, Ray, Arnold, Roy, Gray, Rick, Carat.

You can call a girl like this: Gerd, Lada, Alma, Bagheera, Bonya, Lyme, Alpha, Jesse, Adel, Bert, Dina, Eva, Dana, Bella, Greta, Agatha, Linda, Betty, Sherry, West, Nora, Lexi, Utah , Isa.

Helpful Tips

Finally, a few tips for the owners about the selection of nicknames:

  1. You should not choose too common nicknames, otherwise you risk to attract in addition to your dog a few more with the same or similar names.
  2. Do not choose nicknames similar in sound to simple and common commands. So, the name Funtik can sound like “Fu!” For a pet.
  3. Choose a nickname so that the pet can easily remember it. You can try several and give preference to the one to which the dog responds faster and better.
  4. Even if you chose the name of your four-legged friend, watch him for several days and evaluate how the nickname “got accustomed”. If the dog does not respond to the selected name, it makes sense to change it.
  5. The name should be easy to pronounce for the owner.
  6. If you chose a long name, just think of it as a shortened version. Remember that dogs remember short words better.

Now, taking into account all the tips given above, you can accurately determine the name for your pet.

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