Bella Hadid regrets that she lost a lot of weight

In a couple of weeks - December 5th - Bella Hadid will realize her childhood dream - take part in the Victoria's Secret show. The 20-year-old model tried very hard to pass the casting - she abandoned her favorite pasta and disappeared for hours in the gym. The result is obvious: from a slight swelling, for which the girl was often criticized, there was not a trace left, however, the newly appeared “angel” was dissatisfied with the results. In an interview with People magazine, Bella admitted that she regrets losing weight.

My body has changed, I was not going to lose so much. I want to return the old forms: chest and ass! But this is not my fault. It's just that my weight jumps all the time. No need to blame me for being thin, after all, we are all different

Bella Hadid regrets that she lost a lot of weight
Bella Hadid

On the eve of a bikini fashion show, Bella tries to lean on squirrels every day, trains with fitness trainer Rob Piela, who is responsible for the Victoria's “angels” figures, and hopes that she won't be nervous when she is on the podium in the same lingerie.

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