Bed bugs - get rid of them forever

Some insects spoil our life and live right next to us. We are talking about nasty and hateful bugs that bite painfully and look just disgusting. And how to deal with such a scourge?

Destroy them necessarily

Why do bed bugs appear?

Where, in general, do bedbugs come from? What are the causes of the appearance of these insects? We list the main:

  • Bedbugs can easily "move" to you from the neighbors. So if not the most prosperous family lives behind your wall, then the risk of seeing uninvited guests rises.
  • These insects are small and inconspicuous, but they love to travel. For example, if you have to go on business trips, bedbugs can crawl into your suitcase and fall into your home in this way.
  • These insects also sit on clothes with pleasure. So if you visited some not very pleasant institution, you could have brought bugs directly to you.
  • In upholstered furniture bugs live particularly well. And even in the new couch, these pests may well be present (if this sofa was long in the store and was not protected by a cover).
  • Such insects can live in crevices and under baseboards for almost years. Therefore, uninvited guests can be found after repair or global permutation.

How to detect?

How to understand that in the house you are not alone? Bed bugs are often small in size and do not move actively around the perimeter, so in most cases the encounter with these insects is random. But if you notice bites on your body that make the sutra know, then check out.

Inspect places such as a mattress, headboard, bed frame, slits of chairs and sofas, places of paint peeling or wallpaper from the walls, wardrobes with things, as well as boxes with old stuff and even curtains folds. What can you find during a search? First, the insects themselves.

They are small and have a reddish tint. Secondly, feces can be found. Third, you can see the eggs (white-transparent and oblong). And, fourthly, under the condition of a long unpleasant neighborhood, skeletons of bedbugs resembling a translucent skin can be found.

What to do?

Nasty creatures

How to get home bugs? The best option is to seek help from professionals. They know all the features of these insects and perfectly cope with the task.But if you want to save, then try to do everything yourself. Below we list the effective means and rules of struggle.

What means of struggle to choose?

There are many means of combating a wide variety of insects, including bedbugs. But what to choose? All store funds are divided into several categories:

  • Sprays and sprays (“Raid”, “Dichlorvos”, “Carbozol” and others).
  • Powders (such as “Riopan”, “Neopin”).
  • Fluids (for example, Primadid, Foxide, Forsyd).
  • Pills. They need to expand on the perimeter of the apartment.
  • Fumigators. Their action is based on the effect of evaporation of harmful substances.

The most convenient to use, of course, fumigatory. But their effectiveness is not always high. Aerosols or sprays are also quite convenient to use. But liquids, powders and tablets - not the best option. The composition of the most effective means, as a rule, is karbofos, but there are other active ingredients. Before you buy, be sure to read the instructions for use!

If you do not want to spend extra money (although some funds are inexpensive), you can try to use folk remedies:

  • The most common alcohol acts deadly on bedbugs, so you can spray the whole apartment with it.
  • Hydrogen peroxide is also suitable. Treat all suspicious places with it.
  • Bedbugs are afraid of high temperatures, so regular steam can be used to eliminate them. Get a steam generator or steam mop, process the perimeter of the apartment. Do not forget to pay attention to hard-to-reach places.
  • Repels bugs and a sharp smell of vinegar. Dampen a cotton swab and treat all suspicious areas.
  • Valerian tincture is also a great deterrent to these insects due to its specific smell.
  • You can use wormwood. Spread out its branches throughout the apartment, the bugs after some time must retire from the apartment.
  • Prepare such a solution: 30 grams of laundry soap, 3 tablespoons of turpentine, 4 tablespoons of kerosene, half a cup of boiling water. Soap grate, dissolve in boiling water, add kerosene and turpentine. Fluid surface and secluded places.

Destruction process: step-by-step instruction

So, you chose the tool and studied the instructions. What to do next? Pay special attention to the preparation of the premises:

  1. Place all products in impermeable sealed bags to prevent chemicals from getting into them, and then into the body of the occupants.
  2. All tenants and animals must leave the premises in order to avoid poisoning by poisonous vapors.
  3. Laundry can not be processed, but it certainly needs to be washed in hot water or boiled.
  4. If you want to process the surface of the sofa, then decompose it completely, or better partially disassemble.
  5. Old pillows and mattresses are best thrown away. New need to process steam and clean.
  6. Pull out all the boxes.
  7. Move furniture away from walls, provide access to hard-to-reach places (slots, corners, and so on).
  8. Open all windows and windows to ensure fresh air.

What to do when the room is processed?

  1. Provide your own protection: by all means wear a respirator, gloves, a head scarf (so that substances do not settle on the hair), old clothes. Protect your skin.
  2. Prepare the solution following the instructions.
  3. Start processing from the most usable room. Work on the sub ceiling space first (if necessary, the ceiling), then the walls (especially the places where the wallpaper and paint are peeled off), then the floor.
  4. Go to the furniture and surfaces.
  5. Leave the room at least two to three hours (in the case of using folk remedies). The exact time of absence is specified in the instructions attached to the tool used.
  6. Wash the floors.
  7. Vacuum all surfaces to get rid of the larvae and feces.
  8. General cleaning is best done in a couple of weeks. Wash the floor, walls, ceiling, all furniture.
  9. If not all bugs are eliminated, repeat the treatment procedure.


Prevention measures:

  1. Do not buy used furniture, bedding, mattresses.
  2. When checking into the hotel, inspect the bed and wardrobe.
  3. Do not put the suitcase on the floor.
  4. Close up all the gaps.
  5. Be vigilant in potentially dangerous places: in train cars, in hospitals, in warehouses, and so on.
  6. Clean and vacuum your sofas, chairs and beds regularly.
  7. After traveling or business trip, immediately wash all things and inspect the suitcase. Do the same after visiting potentially dangerous places.

Let the bugs not spoil your life and do not live in your house!

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