Beauty trends that are tired

The past 2015 year in the field of beauty-trends showed us two contradictory directions. On the one hand, on the podium triumphant naturalness and minimalism from almost imperceptible makeup to curls, which seemed to be laid only with the help of hands in 5 minutes. On the other hand, if you look at show business, red lanes and millionaire instagrams, then we have clearly traced eyebrows-rectangles, make-up with false eyelashes and sparkles in the spirit of the 2000s (as, for example, Lady Gaga has a Super Bowl ), neon huge lips and rainbow hair. Who will win: the naturalness of #nofilter or puppet faces with retouching - we don’t know, but we have clearly decided for ourselves that we definitely won’t repeat some beauty-trends of last year.

Noticeable contouring

Last year, contouring - the art of sculpturing an oval face with the help of dense tonal means - absolutely everything went crazy. And all because this extremely cunning skill, which requires skills of at least a beginner makeup artist, promised to do with the face what plastic does, namely visually narrow the cheekbones, reduce the nose and thus draw the supposedly perfect shape of the face.As a side effect, there was a gigantic amount of “toner” on the face, which turned the latter into a mask.

Kim Kardashian

Long pointed nails

You can understand and accept the desire of girls to be a little bit like predators, but only turning nails into claws for this is certainly not the most practical idea. And in bright color and shade nude sharp nails look disgusting and that of their owner and would like to ask, it turns out you have to use her own smartphone with a manicure or for it to hire an assistant.


Shaved temple

Wake up in the morning, to reconsider its stance and throw the hell out of one-third of the head refers to the decisions that we normally take in age from 15 to 19 years. And after you've grown out of that age, in their actions can already be bolder and more direct - if we shave the entire head, and not the "parts" in the expectation that the temple will grow nicely and quietly.

Natalie Dormer

Lavender hair

In English, this color has a cute name - granny hair, or hair like a granny. Blame if the brand manufacturers of inexpensive temporary hair colors, but in the last two years the most bizarre hair colors from lavender to all overexposed mermaid turquoise and gray rather ridiculous - was somehow too much.So, maybe, having gone to the hairdresser in 2016 with the idea of ​​“creating something like that on your head”, you still think twice and limit yourself to a colored hairpin for one evening (yes, the 90s are back!) .


Wet face effect

Excessive enthusiasm for highlighters at design shows in 2014 grew into a boom of “wet faces” from beauty bloggers in 2015, which even had a trendy definition - strobe. In practice, if contouring and strobing do not yield to naturalness and naturalness in the coming year, then very soon we will see the return of the 2000s era, when deliberate and too noticeable makeup was considered the only synonym for grooming.

Carly Kloss

The habit of meeting and escorting the brows

Yes, eyebrows are a really important part of the face, and recently criticism of these very eyebrows has become a real hobby for women's magazines. Some blame too thin eyebrows, others condemn unkempt and bushy ones, as if sponsoring with their criticism the existence of brow bars - magical places where you can make ostensibly perfect eyebrows at the cost of a three-course meal. If the normcore can be transferred to the beauty industry, then let it touch the eyebrows first of all,so that everyone can take care of the eyebrows, as he pleases - even if we consider every hair, at least leave it as it is, a la naturelle.

Amber Rose

Too marked lips

Special gratitude for this tendency is to be expressed by the ubiquitous Kardashian family - all its representatives completely deny the natural beauty, no matter what part of the body it touches, but the story with the lips turns out to be quite dramatic. While on the catwalk the makeup artists avoid the overly annoying selection of the lips, which makes them look like "inflatable", the Kardashian team even tries to emphasize the "inflatable" lips with a pencil so that it feels like they are about to burst.

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