Beautiful decoration of the holiday table

Festive table decoration is an important stage in the celebration. After all, you can cook a lot of delicious dishes, but putting them on an untidy table, guests will not appreciate them. Because of this, the mood will be spoiled, and the holiday too. To avoid this, go seriously to the design of the table.

Simple rules

Cutlery placed symmetrically. The dishes should be put in a straight line, stepping back from the edge of the table by 10-15 cm. Each guest is required to put a large flat plate, it will serve as a stand. All other plates: a snack bar, a soup one is already placed directly on this flat plate.

Behind this plate put dessert spoon for sweet (it is the smallest), a special glass for water is put to the right of it. On the left side of our base plate, put the bread plate. After all the bread is eaten with it, it is not necessary to remove it from the table.

It is useful if you plan to serve fruit,guests will place there pits and skins. On the left put the fork. How many will be, depends on how many dishes you serve. They need to decompose in the following sequence: snack bar, fish, meat. To the right of the stand, lay the knives in the same sequence as the forks.

At first use the device which is located further from a plate, then - following it. Remember, you need to put the forks so that the teeth “look” upwards (these are hygienic requirements), the knife is placed with the blade to the plate.

A folded napkin is placed on a deep or snack plate. For drinks should be designed special glasses.

The volume of the glass directly depends on the strength of the drink: the strongest ones should be poured into small dishes. This is quite logical - if guests drink vodka from large glasses, very soon your dinner will turn into a real horror. Light wines should be poured into large glasses, strong - into smaller ones.

What a feast without champagne. His submission should be given special attention. Champagne is usually served in high glasses on the stalk. The drink must be cooled to 6-8 degrees.Use a special ice bucket for this.

Cognac, a favorite drink of these gentlemen, is presented to guests in round glasses, they are also called kegs. For whiskey, you'll need square-shaped glasses.

Cognac and whiskey should be poured into glasses, filling them with a third. This is due to the strong strength of these alcoholic beverages. Pour the wine so that the glass was almost completely filled (centimeter to the edge). Wine is easy to drink, pouring less, you will only be engaged in that, add a drink to guests.

When placing glasses on the table, put the one on the far right that will be used first. All the others in the order in which you will offer guests drinks.

If you decide to please the guests with such a drink, as krushon, consider the features of his presentation. After its preparation, be sure to pour the hook into a beautiful glass dish. Guests should see how beautiful you will be treating them. Pour the hook in the glasses ladle.

To serve cold cocktails you need tall, wide glasses. Add ice to drinks or water just before you give them to guests.

Pay attention to the temperature features of some drinks. So, many people prefer their favorite white wine, chilled to 8-12 degrees, only with this condition, guests can feel the whole bouquet of the drink.

But the red wines are not cooled, but heated. The temperature of the wine should be 15-16 degrees. Encourage guests to drink wine slowly.

Much depends on the beauty and tidiness of the festive table. But believe me, your labors will not go unnoticed. Guests will appreciate your diligence.

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