Baltic pattern mittens

We knit with needlesBaltic Patterns.

Materials and tools:

  1. yarn (95% wool, 5% acrylic, 250m / 100g) 50 grams of white / dark brown, 30 grams of blue / beige and 20 grams of blue / white;
  2. socks knitting no. 2.5.

Pattern Description

The front surface: when knitting round knit knit only persons. p.

Knitting description

Right mitt

We type 58 loops with a blue / beige thread, we knit 1 row of the new. n. and 1 row of persons. Next, we introduce a white / dark brown thread into the work and knit an ornament on the front of the satin stitch according to the pattern, distributing the loops by 15 loops on the 1st and 3rd knitting needles and 14 loops on the 2nd and 4th knitting.

In the 37th row, on the right hand side, we untie the thumb hole with a width of 10 loops. To do this, we knit the loops according to the pattern before the third needle, then knit 2 loops, attach the auxiliary thread and knit 10 loops. We cut off the thread, return 10 loops to the third knitting needle and knit the main thread. Next, continue to knit in a circle.

After the 69th row, we begin to reduce the wedge. To do this, on the 1st and 3rd needles we knit the first 2 loops together for the back wall, on the 2nd and 4th knits we knit the last 2 loops together for the front wall. When there is 1 loop on each spoke, we tighten the loops with the end of the working thread and fix it.

Then proceed to knit your thumb. Remove the auxiliary thread, remove the open loops on 2 needles, add 1 loops to each needles = 22 loops on each side of the broach. We distribute the loops evenly on 4 knitting needles and knit in a circle with the face satin to the middle of the nail. Then again remove the loop on 2 needles and knit a wedge, as in the main part.

Left Mitten

We knit symmetrically.

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