Balloon or Aircraft

What do we need? ... A dozen candles for cakes or small ones, packaging of thin polyethylene (for shelters are sold), three slats, a device for gluing polyethylene (or just an iron), adhesive tape, and hands.
We unfold the film, make a square folded in two times, about 2 by 2 meters in size. Total length of the film is 4 meters, width 2 meters.
The edges of the film are glued together with a machine or iron (through paper).
It turned out the bag
Go to the installation of the propulsion system. These will be ordinary candles. We put them on the longest rail, with the apparatus we melt them so that they do not crumble. And we fuse them to the rail.
And now begin the assembly of the aircraft! At first we will collect the bearing design.Put the long rail on the table, candle it up. On the sides fasten short slats. Than? Yes, even with glue or adhesive tape.
Attach the ball to the supporting structure. We fasten the edges with glue or tape.
Everything! Ready to launch! We leave on the starting surface and start counting! Raise the edge of the ball and ignite the "engine" - the candles. Be careful, the flame should not touch the film, otherwise the ball will burn.
The ball is ready to be launched! Now let him go and follow the news - the next UFO flight.
Usually such balloons fly very high and are carried away by air flow to a few kilometers away Good luck to all balloonists! &Nbsp;
On Halloween, you can draw a black face on the ball. When you start in the dark, such a ghost flying machine will look very impressive.

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