Bali is an amazing place for tourism

Bali is a small island, washed by the waters of the Indian and Pacific Ocean, is the most popular and sought-after holiday destination in Southeast Asia and all nearby places.

In Bali, it is impossible not to fall in love, everyone likes this place, without exception: familiarize yourself with any ratings of the best islands of the planet, no doubt, Bali will definitely fall into the top three.

This place is called the "island of the Gods", most tourists go here not only for beautiful views and extraordinary tropical beauty, but also for local color, Indonesian traditions and customs, which are honored here and always respected.

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The uniqueness of this place is closely connected with its history, here the real facts and legends are intertwined so closely that it’s almost impossible to discern where the truth is and where the fiction is, and the locals themselves do not seek to do so.

Probably, it is difficult to find a place on the whole planet where everyday life is treated with such reverence, all crafts are closely intertwined with something spiritual, any work and undertaking carries a piece of something divine.

Rest on the island of Bali is not only white beaches and beautiful sea, it is also an acquaintance with the amazing culture of the local population, which, by the way, is very friendly and good-natured.

What do you need to know if you go to Bali for the first time?

Going somewhere to rest, it is necessary to find out as much as possible about this place, so that later you will not be disappointed and not regret the money spent. Bali cannot be called a cheap resort, the prices for vouchers exceed the standard minimum, especially if the rest for you is lazy bliss in five-star bungalows in the “all inclusive” system.

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If you are interested in how much a week of rest in such a heavenly place costs, then just go to the website of the tour operator and see for yourself. But if you go to Bali for something more than the beach and the sea, then organizing the trip will be more profitable and more interesting on your own, along the way saving a considerable amount of money.

The most expensive in the whole package is, as you know, a flight, because flying is not a lot, about 12 hours from Moscow, and this is without transfers.

That is why going to Bali for a weekend or a week is not enough,After all, you still have to pay for the tickets, you will not be able to save a lot here, but a longer stay on the island will turn out to be more profitable, and there will be more emotions accumulated.

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For example, the prices of villas and bungalows may vary depending on the season, as well as the duration of the lease: the longer you rent a room, the cheaper it will be.

By the way, about flights: if you take tickets with one, and sometimes even with two transfers, they will be cheaper, though, and you will have to spend more time on the road.

How to choose housing?

If you are not prepared in advance and went to this heavenly place for good luck, then you can take a taxi directly at the airport and explain to the driver what you want to find, he will take you to the right place with great pleasure.

Developed infrastructure

But, to be sure, it is better to prepare in advance and, if possible, book at the chosen hotel, room or bungalow. If you intend to relax in the local five-star hotels of the global chains, then you have a direct road to Sanur, Nusa Dua or Jimabaran, where they settled down.

In fact, the choice of housing is huge, you can easily choose very economical options with minimal comfort, and you can rent a private villa, which will be completely at your disposal.

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The most economical options are island bungalows, the amenities here are, of course, minimal, but there is a roof over your head, and you will not be tied to the rules of residence that always exist in serious hotels. Complete freedom of action!

These bungalows are great for travelers who spend most of their time on the beach, surfing or other active leisure activities.

Visa and its registration

The visa for the citizens of Russia is stamped on passport for passport control directly upon arrival, it is enough to have a passport that will not expire for another 6 months after leaving Indonesia, as well as a completed migration card issued at the airport and a receipt for payment.


For citizens of Ukraine, Belarus, as well as most other CIS countries, a visa must be issued in advance at the Indonesian embassy. Regular tourist visa on arrival on the island is issued for a period of 30 days, after which, it can be extended one more time for the same period.

When to go to Bali?

Perhaps you are interested in the question, when is Bali best to relax, because the weather at any resort varies depending on the season.We hurry to please you, summer in Bali is all year round, therefore, what period to choose is a matter of your personal preferences, which may depend on the amount of free time and your own desire.

Architectural monuments

By the way, the summer months are considered the most peak period, sometimes even September and October are captured - this time is considered more “cool”, the air temperature drops to 26 ° -28 °.

Since November, the rainy season has started here, however, it is difficult to say that it strongly affects climate and comfort. Warm tropical showers, most often, go at night or early in the morning, thus, slightly refreshing the air and all surrounding nature.

Things to do?

Of course, on an island surrounded by the warm waters of two oceans, one cannot do without a paradise beach holiday, small restaurants, which huddle right on the coast and contemplate the most beautiful sunset you have ever seen.

Be sure to pay attention to diving, for this purpose almost any part of it is suitable for Bali: it’s enough to go to the nearest diving center, where you will be helped to discover the bizarre world of multi-colored and colorful reefs, fish and other local wildlife.


Naturally, Bali is exactly the place that by no means does without surfing, because here there are the best conditions for it.

If you are not attracted to such active recreation, then you can plunge into the rich and fascinating Indonesian culture, devote your time to visiting many temples and fascinating sights, the most popular of which are located in the resort of Ubud.

This is where you can visit the famous Monkey Forest, which, you guessed it, is inhabited by these creatures. By the way, here the monkeys are sacred animals, and still very persistent, but very photogenic.


Be sure to check out the local “Palace of Painting”, which is located in the shadow of beautiful trees and gardens with lovely ponds. Also, be sure to take a look at the “Royal Temple” and rock temples in Pedzhenga, do not forget to admire the extraordinary nature and amazing living creatures with which the island of Bali will definitely introduce you.

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