Autolady, or Rules for those who are driving for the first year

I want to immediately warn - at first it will be scary. Because the instructor is not around, the dimensions of the car are unusual, and everyone around is going and going. The first week is better not to go alone. I was supported by my husband, so I was calmer. Then I got behind the wheel alone, but my husband drove in front of me in his car. Hooray! For the first time I was in the car alone and no one suggested to me the maneuvers. By the way, after a while I made a discovery for myself: when there was no one in the car, I felt more confident - no one mumbled under my arm and did not irritate with the recommendations.

Exclamation mark - is it necessary?

Some of my friends asked why I did not put an exclamation mark on the car, because I am an inexperienced driver. In response, I wondered: “Why?” If you think that because of this sign, other drivers will be indulgent to you, then you are greatly mistaken. Some newcomers, on the contrary, for this slack. Particularly snooty drivers love to “teach” newbies.For example, they can suddenly brake in front of you or "cut" on corners. In short, create a very unpleasant situation for a beginner.

Inadequate on the road

Speaking of snooty drivers. On the road, they are like uncut dogs, and this must always be remembered. As well as the reckless and not always sober pedestrians who can jump out at any time in any place.

Autolady, or Rules for those who are driving for the first year

Be careful, even if you drive according to all the rules of the road, because it is not a fact that other road users behave in the same way. Skip the hurry, even if he is wrong. You and your car will be safer too.

No phones!

If your car is not equipped with a hands-free, then you will have to forget about using the phone. There are no calls for which it is permissible to endanger life and health. Besides, you are not alone on the road. Other participants in the movement will be in danger. There is no question of writing sms and answering them while driving. There can be no exceptions. Eyes should look only at the road!

What about music?

At first it's better to do without musical accompaniment and concentrate on driving.Over time, when you get comfortable on the road, you can easily listen to the radio and music. Now I loudly turn on my favorite songs and even sing along the way. Of course, without distracting from the road.

Autolady, or Rules for those who are driving for the first year

My car is my castle

From the first day behind the wheel of a car, I developed a habit: as soon as I got into the car, I immediately blocked the door and it was impossible to open it outside. Situations can be different, and no one should be able to open the door of your car without your consent.

I'll tell the story. Once I left point A and, after traveling a hundred meters, I was forced to stop, because a fallen piece stuck to the windshield, which did not want to brush as a “janitor”. I had to go out and remove it. While I was getting into the car, I noticed a couple of marginal personalities who hurriedly headed in my direction. I locked myself in the car and got ready to start moving, but a beggar woman stood in front of the car, and the man began to knock on the left window. They needed money, and I am not one of those who sponsor beggars. I pointedly got the phone and called out to the vagrants that I was calling the police. I was ready to call the police, but I did not have to do it, because the beggars immediately moved away from my car.

Autolady, or Rules for those who are driving for the first year

Another important rule: no one to open the door.Omit the glass only to communicate with the traffic police. When a driver breaks something, he is invited to a patrol car to draw up a protocol. But you can safely refuse, the law inspector does not have the right to order you to get out of the car. Wait for the finished protocol in your own car.

At a pioneer distance

My husband always teases me that between me and the car in front can fit a truck. This he exaggerates, of course, but I have no habit of cuddling up to cars. Who knows what? And what if he will have to brake sharply and I do not have time to react?

A lot of accidents in the city are due to non-compliance with the distance. Although this even in driving schools warn.

No fellow travelers!

This rule also applies to security and applies to strangers who catch a ride on the road. No one can ever be brought up: not a lonely girl standing in the middle of a night street, nor a granny with a shopping bag. Yes, it will seem wrong to someone, but I think that it’s unacceptable for girls to give a lift to strangers. In your car should be only people you know. And let strangers bring up brave men.

Autolady, or Rules for those who are driving for the first year

Cards in hand

What happiness, that we live in times of advanced technology. GPS, maps of traffic jams in the smartphone - all at our disposal. It is a sin not to take advantage of the benefits of civilization. How many times I went to new places without any problems and it was easy to navigate thanks to the cards in the phone. It is very important to study the new route BEFORE the trip.

And the most important rule - do not be afraid, do not panic, do not commit inappropriate actions. If you get nervous - turn on the side of the road, turn on the emergency lights, move your breath. And drive on. For the first time alone go out in the morning on a day off - not so many cars. Keep the manual of the car always in the car. It somehow came in handy when I accidentally pressed the parking brake pedal. She stopped, turned on the emergency gang, pulled out the manual and began to look for a solution to the problem. Has found and has gone further. The main thing - no panic, and everything will be fine!

Now I am much calmer behind the wheel than in the passenger seat, because when I am a passenger, I cannot control the situation, and behind the wheel I am the mistress of the situation. And in general to be avtoledi - it is cool. I go wherever I want, I do not depend either on my husband or on transport.And to clean a favorite car from snow is, it turns out, such a trifle.

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