At what age to purchase the first diamonds

If you carefully dig into the bins of your memory, you will surely find there a memory of some symbolic-attractive thing from your mother’s wardrobe. For some, it will be a bottle of perfume with a barely transmitted words and a “very mother's” smell, for someone it is a dress in a small flower, including its pleasant to the touch texture and even the shape of buttons that remained in memory, and for whom is a precious decoration that mom took out only on special occasions. Likewise, diamonds sometimes come into our lives as an association with the woman we are most proud of — our mother. And the first attachment to these small, glittering objects of art is formed at this time from a desperate desire to dress up in front of a mirror exactly like mom does. For this reason, probably, jewelry for little girls is so reminiscent of diamond jewelry for real princesses.Just at this stage of the first acquaintance, many girls receive diamond jewelry as a gift - as a rule, it is something modest and neat, like miniature stud earrings.
Earrings SL, white gold, diamonds

Earrings SL, white gold, diamonds (to order)

SL pendant, pink gold, diamonds

SL pendant, pink gold, diamonds (to order)

Ring SL, white gold, diamonds

Ring SL, white gold, diamonds (to order)

The next stage of our acquaintance with the "best friends of girls" happens already at a more conscious age with the advent of intelligibility in the decorations. You try everything from shiny plastic to metal punk chains - you experiment with colors, materials and styles, and you may even start making jewelry yourself. During this period of desperate fashionable trial and error, diamonds, as a rule, re-enter our life as gifts from someone older and more serious than us — from dad, from aunts, from an older sister. And it is precisely at this age that an extremely important mission is set before diamonds - to inculcate in you a taste for the classics and to show some incomprehensible standard for women's jewelry, which solemnly rises above fleeting interseasonal trends.These diamonds of youth become that exceptional jewel, which is punished to be carefully stored and worn under the supervision of mother, which is why we begin to feel especially reverent and passionate feelings for these sparkling gems.

SL Bracelet, Rose Gold, Diamonds

Bracelet SL, rose gold, diamonds (to order)

Ring SL, rose gold, diamonds

Ring SL, rose gold, diamonds (to order)

Earrings SL, rose gold, diamonds

Earrings SL, rose gold, diamonds (to order)

The older we get, the more reason we have to fall in love with diamonds is even stronger and to make the first reciprocal step to them - to decide on the purchase of diamonds by ourselves. At their own expense, according to their own taste, and sometimes even without any calendar reason. Although, of course, here we are crafty - there is a reason to be sure. Only this is not the 18th anniversary or successfully passed examinations to the institute, but a personal little victory over oneself. Any content: career, romantic, sports, intellectual or even psychological. At this very moment, diamonds, in addition to their unsurpassed greatness and the ability to enchant everyone, have another very important shade - the emblem of your personal success.Later, you will again and again change your mind about what you like more: strict minimalist jewelry with diamonds or colorful baroque with colorful stones - but diamonds will forever retain these three unique elements: nostalgia for the ideal femininity in your mother’s face, its unbreakable classic status and the factor of the strong personality of its owner. The iron character of the diamond's predecessor, the diamond, seems to be handed over to its hostesses, and the jewel acquired to itself as a gift is transformed into a trophy of your museum of achievements. And it’s not for nothing that a diamond is considered the strongest stone in nature!

Sadko earrings, white gold, diamonds

Sadko earrings, white gold, diamonds (to order)

Ring SL, rose gold, diamond

Ring SL, rose gold, diamond (to order)

Bracelet "Alexey Pomelnikov", white gold, diamonds

Bracelet "Alexey Pomelnikov", white gold, diamonds (to order)

And when did you first meet with real diamonds? Share your love stories with these unique gems.

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