Astilba: home care

Astilba: home careGrow astilba in the apartment will not work, but this beautiful plant can become a great decoration of your garden. If you do it right, the lush flowering of the astilbe will add a zest to your alley.
Astilba is a perennial flower that grows well in dark places among trees and other crops. It is characterized by the ability to form roots and buds.

Astilba: care and cultivation from seeds

Cultivation of astilba is a fairly simple process. It can be said that the flower is completely capricious, it is able to survive even in severe frosts.

It is very important that the soil be as nutritious and moisture-absorbing as possible. The most optimal choice of soil for astilb is heavy and loamy.

However, despite its unpretentiousness, astilbe needs increased attention during the first time of its growth. Sprouts and roots are still very weak, and they need to be freed from growing weeds.When the plant gets stronger, the ability to cope with weeds alone will dramatically increase.

If atilba germinates in a sunny area with dry soil, then you should ensure regular watering and mulching with peat or hardwood humus. All this will help her to fully develop and not to suffer from drought.

Good soil moisture is the most important condition for the care of astilba. If the ground is dry, you can guarantee slow growth, the drying of the leaves and in the end - complete wilting. Abundant watering should be carried out in August in the mornings and evenings. Fertilize the plant should be in May.Astilba: home care

There is another distinctive feature of astilb: every year their roots tend to stick out from the soil by about 3-5 centimeters. This factor provokes their drying out in the sun, which can cause the death of the plant. You can fix the problem easily by simply sprinkling the roots on the ground.

Preparing for the cold is fertilizing the soil and pruning in the fall. Upon the onset of severe frosts for such a plant as astilba care is to cover it with twice folded cloth or mulch. Warmth up plants help lapnik.

Transplantation and reproduction

Astilba is propagated by the division method and seeds. The division should be carried out every three years. If this is not done, then the roots will completely come to the surface of the ground and dry out. The division of the bush is best done in March or September. If the flower forms 2-3 buds of renewal, then flowering can be expected for the next season.Astilba: home care

Each seedling should be placed at a distance of 35-40 centimeters. Astilba seeds are also often propagated.

The process should be carried out in this way:

  • planting seeds in March. The soil is selected light, it should always be well hydrated;
  • when the first sprout appears with leaves, astilba can be planted in wet ground. The first 14 days the site with the planted Astilbe needs to be shaded;
  • You should mulch the ground around the planted seeds by 3 centimeters.

In two years, wait for the blossom of astilba, if care is right.

Feeding rules and pests

Astilba: home carePests that attack astilba are very rare. Also, this plant is almost never sick.
Astilb should be fed in the spring. During this period, the shoots are already quite large.Fertilizers with nitrogen content are best suited.

After astilby ottsvetut, they can feed fertilizer with potassium and phosphorus. It is also important to loosen the ground, but very carefully, so as not to damage the flower.

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