What do women call men?

It is no secret that the majority of the fair sex has a weakness for the use of diminutive pet suffixes. Of course, first of all it concerns situations when they turn to beloved men.

In this article we will explain how women call men and why.

Common Appeal Options

Some representatives of the strong sex, the passion of women to use in the treatment of the affectionate form of animal names is called “zoo”. And if many of them willingly put up with the nicknames “tiger” or “lion”, then “hares” and “kittens” may sound offensive to some men. However, according to various polls and information from different forums, the women of their loved ones are most often called hares. The most common forms are hare, hare, hare, and hare.

For anyone who does not understand such feminine oddities, it should be noted that a woman is by nature endowed with maternal instinct, which, as a rule, applies not only to her own children, but also to all male friends.A woman in the blood needs to care and even protect. And the “bunny” is a cute, fluffy and defenseless creature that needs care and love. Here are just men who are so called, you should think about who in a relationship deserves this role.

According to surveys, the second place by nicknames is occupied by various forms of "cat", as well as other members of the cat family. It is a cat, a kitten, a cysic and sometimes a cat. Among other common options should be distinguished tiger or tiger cub and lion cub. In this case there is also a reason for reflection. Why does a woman associate a loved one with these animals?
The cat, as you know, walks by itself, it is a proud and independent animal. And the weaker sex loves freedom-loving men, so it can be assumed that either a woman at a subconscious level emphasizes these qualities in her lover, or she wants to endow them with them. And, of course, the nickname "lion", which means the king, flatters many male representatives.

Further, among the "animal world" followed by bears or bear cubs and elephant cubs. Teddy bear - the most common option.Such a nickname women, as a rule, are called large men who are trusted. Do not be in a hurry to make a complex about your own figure: a bear cub is most often called those men with whom a woman feels comfortable, confident and reliable. But the "baby elephant" should lead you to visit the gym.

You can also highlight your favorite female gender “lapusika”, “paw”, “lapulika”, “pupsika”, “masika” and “pusika”. The attitude towards them by men is not unambiguous: for someone it is calf tenderness, for someone it is a real manifestation of tenderness and love. But most of all men like the following options:

  • favorite;
  • native;
  • expensive;
  • good;
  • sweet;
  • the sun or the sun.

In addition, women also turn to their men by name, but in a diminutive manner: Dimochka, Vanyusha, Leshenka, etc.

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