“As I understood that I need mammoplasty”: part 2

In the second part of her diary, Wday.ru columnist told how to choose the right implants for mammoplasty.

Every week a special correspondent for Woman’s Day Victoria Vilochkina talks about the different stages of mammoplasty. This time it will be about the choice of implants. How are they arranged? What is the difference between new generation implants? Do I need to change them over time and how to make their shape more natural?

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There are no less stereotypes about implants than about why women do mammoplasty. Men are usually convinced that this is done for them. Yes, and women are also usually nervous about the same thing: who does she want to get with this new breast, is it not my husband? Both those and others, as I understood during the preparation for the operation, are no different from those grandmothers on the benches who watch the girls coming out from the entrance. Only at the decision-making stage I heard a lot of useless arguments:

• Why do you need that? You have your own good. Why do you care so much about someone else’s body and the fact that my breasts can be not just good, but almost perfect?

• You have complexes. Thanks, I didn't even think about it myself! If I have them, then why can't I solve them the way I want? And you can eat cabbage ...

• Breast does not make you happier, not in this happiness. How wise! I do not plan a higher mission for my breast, except for the fact that it pleases my eye for life, and I do not think that she will take over the mortgage and take up my career - only small household “happiness” such as choosing a laundry.

• Everyone will see that you have plastic! What is usually seen? Saggy, flat, shapeless? Well then, let it be visible plastic, which, by the way, is no longer visible.

People who are not able to accept how others like to change themselves love to invent plastic tales. So they live better: it is harmful, dangerous. Here are the most common myths that I met:

• The chest will burst in the plane, in the gym, from cramped underwear, from the look of the saleswoman. It all comes from the 90s. Modern implants are not threatened at all.

• You can not feed.When placing the implant under the gland you can feed - there are no problems with this. The chest will grow bigger, as it always does.

• Men will notice this, and many like naturalness. First of all, my boyfriend, who came to me after the operation and did not know about it, did not notice anything, but admired the form. And when I told him, I could not hide my surprise and for a long time I felt her in bewilderment. This did not affect his former state of delight from the third size. Let's not fool ourselves.

• You will look like a rubber doll. No comment is just ridiculous.

Of course, all these stereotypes and myths are the result of operations that were done 30 years ago, and talk shows in which “victims of plastic surgery” constantly flash.

In fact, if you approach the issue wisely and understand everything, then everything will play in your favor. During the preparation for the operation, I studied many clinics: in addition to the choice of the surgeon, it was important to understand which implants they work with. Plastic mastery is one thing, but what will be in your body is another story. I used to see implants “balls”, very dense - they are placed so that the chest always has pushap.I didn’t want something like this; my main criteria were naturalness, soft outlines of the chest, and not when the borders of a foreign object are visible with the naked eye.

In the clinic where I was operated on, I was told in detail about all the implants and their features. They gave hold in their hands. “It is important to understand what result you want. The fact that you often see breasts that look unnatural is a frequent wish of the clients. They need her to stand out. But if to do everything, based on the architecture of the body, to choose a size for it, then everything will look so harmonious that no one will notice. For example, implants with an ergonomic shape look most natural - they change shape depending on the position of the body, which helps to achieve a natural result, ”comments Anna Alexandrovna Ryapolova, senior manager for work with clients, assistant plastic surgeons of the CIDC.

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In order not to go into the terms, I will tell you about my selection criteria that guided me and which helped me with my choice:

• I needed implants with a lifetime warranty. Those that do not need to be changed after 10, 20 years or even ever.There is a myth that any need to change - it is not. I did not want to do the surgery twice.

• The natural shape and shape of the implant. Obviously, the “made” breast is already in the past and is no longer in the fashion when it was necessary to demonstrate that there was a plastic surgery.

• Extremely soft and agile implant texture. That, accordingly, the same was the chest, and did not stand a stone.

• Ergonomic shape. What does it mean not round or anatomical implants, but those that change shape depending on the position of the body, but at the same time have a beautiful and regular shape.

• Texture that prevents capsulars contracture. This means that after installation, dense fibrous tissue begins to form around the implant. The formation of the fibrous membrane is a specific protective function of our body, which is activated when foreign objects enter the tissue. Capsule formation begins immediately after completion of the operation and takes several months; its thickness normally does not exceed tenths of a millimeter with the correct course of postoperative rehabilitation.However, over time, the capsule may excessively thicken, calcification occurs in it (salt deposition), and dense fibrous tissue begins to compress the implant, causing it to deform. This is the worst dream of all those who install implants.

• Ability to breastfeed in the future. Since I did not give birth, this moment was important.

Therefore, together with the surgeon, I chose the most innovative American implant Motiva - soft, gel, with a lifetime warranty. One that can be breastfed in the future and that does not need to be changed. In addition, I really liked that he adapts to the anatomy of the chest. Roughly speaking, if you jump, you will jump with you, you turn on one side - it will spill over. The surgeon still joked that this is Lamborghini in the world of implants. Most importantly, its texture consisted of a billion special “points” that impede capsular contracture.

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By the way, for those who think that the whole “made” chest is silicone, that it looks the same and is firm to the touch, I inform you: so to think at least ignorantly. The same implant has about 200 variations of shape, size and profile, and the most modern ones are filled with soft gel. The fact that they burst in the plane is also a myth: they are tested by trucks.Yes, cut them, squeeze, thrust under the wheels of cars. And nothing happens, you can do anything with them, including in a fit of passion.

With the implant installation method, we chose a cut under the breast, 2.5 centimeters, thin and neat, which over time will not be visible at all. At the stage of healing it is also not particularly visible, it is hidden in the submammary fold. This is the safest method. There are also ways to install through the armpit and through the areola incision, but there are already risks there. The advantage was that one of my breasts was located higher than the other, and therefore, for correcting, the cuts were made at different levels in order to achieve symmetry.

The surgeon TsIDK Berlev Oleg Viktorovich helped me to choose the form and size, he corrected my initial wishes. For example, he said that a high profile would be better for me, considering my height (176 centimeters), but for short women it would be better to have a low profile, otherwise the fact that the breasts would be too far ahead would make her look unnatural. Speaking of size, I was planning a size of 2.5, but the surgeon explained that with my height and build, it would be better to look bigger.It really turned out to be a necessary advice, because after the operation I thought for a while: “Maybe it was necessary a little more?” So: Motiva implants became my choice, high profile, volume 315 milliliters, which corresponds to a confident troek and meets my criteria. This is what came out of it (the photos were taken in different underwear to show how the implants change shape depending on the bra).

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