Have you heard of hair makeup?

Sometimes in life there are moments when we suddenly want to radically change our image and bring more creativity into it. But such experiments with appearance are unlikely to be enjoyed by most managers if you occupy a position in a decent office.

After all, it’s true, to get, for example, not everyone will risk financial advice from a girl with blue hair, because such an employee looks more like a teenager who is looking for a way of expression than an experienced and qualified employee. That's why many of the fair sex do not dare to embody the long-smoldering dream of bright curls, like Avril Lavigne.

New trend

But in order to please those who want to look stylish and extraordinary, hairdressers-stylists finally brought into fashion an unusual trend - makeup for curls. Its author is the Australian master Kevin Murphy, who at some point wanted to give the girls the opportunity to supplement their image with unusual details.

This makeup is done with crayons that are applied to the hair, and after a few minutes you get a rich color. The composition of such chalk contains a dye, which completely disappears after the second washing of the hair.

Such a fashionable chip appealed to both children and adults, because manufacturers began to produce this cosmetic product in two versions: dry pastel and small shadows. The second is much more convenient and easier to apply, but its price is slightly higher.

Do it yourself

The use of hair makeup products does not require special skills, but it is still worth adhering to a few simple rules.

  1. For obtaining the necessary effect it is necessary to put means on pure locks.
  2. In order not to contaminate clothes, it is better to wear an old T-shirt, and rubber gloves on your hands.
  3. Separate the curl, twist it into a bundle, so staining will be easier.
  4. If you have dark hair, then it is better to moisten them before applying the tool.
  5. Owners of blond and red hair is better to use a mixture diluted in water. This will allow for more uniform staining. Just immerse the strand in the staining solution and dry it in a few minutes with a hairdryer.
  6. How to make the transformation safe for your clothes and more resistant? Very simple - after applying the chalk fix the result with varnish or ironing.
  7. To prevent hair from becoming overdried after such experiments, regularly use an air conditioner or mask.

Red, white, blue - choose any!

The range of colors presented in the line of hair makeup products is quite extensive. To create a bold image in just 5 minutes, you can choose one of the neon shades:

  • blonde girls will face red, coral and lilac tones;
  • brunettes and brown women fit purple, turquoise and green.

Those who already have gray hair, will like more natural colors - bronze, black or brown.

The procedure of transforming with the help of a share of hair is very convenient and simple, so nothing will prevent you from being transformed beyond recognition for a few days.

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