Are you in the subject? 10 of the freshest youth memes!

0Memes are popular on the Internet units of visual information that have viral properties. Their popularity is determined only by the number of times they are published and transmitted to other users. Therefore, it is impossible to predict when a meme will become popular and when it will go out of fashion, just as it is impossible to explain why he has gained popularity. There are no clear criteria, there are thousands of influence factors, and only one thing can be said for sure: if a meme has gained popularity, you will definitely hear about it!

Let's keep up with the times: find out which memes are popular lately, what they mean and where they come from.

№ 1. Eshkere

The emotional statement “Eschkere” was born in the Russian rap party and means roughly “Let's muddle up”. It is a distortion of the “let’s get it” English-language appeal, which is often used at concerts by Lil Pump, a popular rapper in America. In our country, he was repeated by Face rapper, and so often that it quickly scattered across the network, becoming an Internet meme.


№ 2. Waiting

Originally, Zhdun is a conceptual monument created by sculptor Margrit van Brevort and dedicated to all patients waiting in line at the doctor’s office. However, in the network, this creature quickly turned into a meme, which symbolizes the expectation of anything at all. By the way, despite its seeming softness, in reality this sculpture is made of rather rigid plastic.


No. 3. It's a fiasco, bro

This meme appeared after a funny video with a Shiba Inu dog. At the end of the video, the dog fell into the water, and its owner comments on what is happening with this memorable phrase. The meme is dedicated to all the failures and losers and quickly gained popularity on the Internet.


№ 4. Chevapchichi

In fact, this is a Serbian dish, which is an ordinary fried sausages. However, on Russian television, along with a strange product name, an even stranger viral video was used to advertise it. So Chevapchichi quickly spilled from television channels to the Internet and was immortalized in memes.


№ 5. At the bottom

The meme “on the bottom” is dedicated to the loud story of Diana Shurygina, who on the program of Andrei Malakhov showed how much alcohol she drank at a party where she was raped.On the one hand, the meme is used to illustrate something small and irrelevant, on the other hand it has a very strong implication of moral behavior.


№ 6. Easy-easy, ryltok, sync ebout it

This famous phrase was born during the battle of rappers Oksimiron and Purulent. Oksimiron used this speech construct during his verbal attack on the enemy, but after this show, Purulent began to mimic the opponent, chuckling at his manner of expressing himself. The phrase quickly gained popularity in online battles, so it soon turned into a meme.


No. 7. So Blat

This popular and funny meme in the form of a bird that has put hands on its sides looks comical and convincing at the same time. The picture itself appeared back in 2009, and a modern meme with her is a reference to the memo with Navalny - "Bled Nevelny."


№ 8. HYIP

HYIP is the modern name for cheap and one-day popularity. “Hayponut” - means to attract the attention of a trick or words that do not have a special meaning and content. There is also the AntiHipe movement - those who oppose such “hype because of nothing” are united in it.


№ 9. Vinyan-chan

This is a whole youth direction of young girls and boys, who, in an effort to emphasize their individuality, became identical copies of each other. They are united by a certain style: short hair, often repainted in unnatural color, glasses with large lenses, falling on the bridge of the nose, retro style in clothes, a thoughtful sad look and, of course, cultivated love for cheap vinichku.


№ 10. Ave Maria! Deus Vult!

“Deus Vult” is the battle cry of the participants in the first crusade. In translation, it means "God wants it." Meme became popular after the release of the game Crusader Kings and quickly spread through the Internet. Popularity is ensured by the fact that it turns out to be appropriate in almost any situation.



It was 10 popular memes, spontaneously storming the bastions of the Internet. Surely you also heard about them, but did not know how it all began.

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