An ordinary straw for one night will give you an original hairstyle

Did you know that a straw is not only suitable for drinking? Some use it as a replacement ... curlers. In contrast, with the help of a straw (tubule), small curls are obtained, which look very interesting. If you slightly “fluff up” your hair, then the curls will turn out to be more voluminous, and the hair itself will be more lively. Let's learn how to wind on a straw.

Should begin in the evening, shortly before bedtime. To begin with, hair should be moistened with a spray for fixation. It is most convenient to take a separate strand and spray on it a tool. Then we take a straw and from the head we begin to tightly twist the hair to the edge of the tube.

We reach the end, fix the straw on top of the invisible. The remaining part of the tube is bent down and also fixed to the hair with an invisible or elastic band. We get this spiral:

Repeat on all the strands and go to sleep.In the morning, carefully remove the invisible and unwind the tubes. A little fluff up the hair, so that they do not seem "pasta", and enjoy the original hairstyle!

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