“American” with Alicia Silverstone and 6 more new TV shows of June

A new show from the showrunner of American Horror History, American Crime History and Hostility by Ryan Murphy plunges us into the atmosphere of New York in 1986. Street dancing and high fashion, closed parties and fashionable restaurants, rich sons and fragile transsexuals. New York holds everything and more ...
The creators of the show have attracted a lot of new actors, and from the beloved caste by Ryan Murphy, migrating from project to project, we will see Evan Peters and Kate Maru.


From June 3

In the "Heirs" we are waiting for a fierce struggle for the golden place of the head of a giant media corporation. Theoretically, the eldest son of Logan Roy, who is retiring, should be at the helm, but the other heirs are not stitched. In this family, power and money mean more than kinship, so all the most interestingly spectatorically interesting will happen: intrigues, deception, harassment, abuse and public humiliation.Starring Kiran Kalkin, Sarah Snook, Brian Cox, Khiam Abbas.


From June 4

The ten-part series, based on the book by Sarai Walkers, talks about a nice plump plump who works as a “literary slave” in a glossy magazine. She, like millions of girls, is tormented by the categorical mismatch of her own body with the ideal body propagated by gloss. Plum does not take a diet, and she will have to go on a painful way of making herself as she is. In parallel, the topics of sexual harassment, weight discrimination - in general, “Dietland” promises to be the most feminist series of the summer. Starring Joy Nash and Julianne Margulis. At the helm of "Dietlenda" is Marty Nokson, who created the two excellent first seasons of the show "Unreal."


From June 7

The star of the 90s Alicia Silverstone waited for a separate large project. And let the first minutes not escape the thought “How she changed! ..”, but then the plot will carry away, and Alicia will show everyone.
Marriage forty Bonnie collapsed like a house of cards. She was left alone with two young daughters and without obvious means of subsistence.For a start, Bonnie fired the housewife and gardener, but this was not enough, so our heroine found a job in the office and finally came out. It turned out that living on your own is much more exciting than waiting in the steep mansion of an ever-delaying husband. Bonnie's friends are played by Mena Suvari and Jennifer Bartels.

"Strange Angel"

Since June 14

The series, based on the life of Jack Parsons, rocket engineer, chemist and occultist. Parsons was at the origins of American rocket science, he was talented, energetic and knew how to lead along with him exactly the same way as he enthusiastically followed some idea. The inclinations towards mysticism in this extravagant young man, who died at the age of 37, were no less than the inclination towards science. He soon became interested in the ideas of Aleister Crowley, was seriously fascinated by the occult, and even visited the head of the Templar Lodge.


From June 20

All the attention at Yellowstone will be focused on Kevin Costner, who plays John Dutton, the owner of a huge rancher breeding livestock. The Dutton family is forced to defend their land, which is claimed by both the developers and the Indian reservation, and the national Yellowstone Park, which faces the border with their ranches.

"Take two"

From June 21

The new series from the creators of "Castle" tells about the unprofitable TV star, released from the rehab. The girl tries to restart her career and, in preparation for the new role, sticks to a private detective and follows him everywhere. It quickly turns out that the maiden is surprisingly helpful in investigating crimes.

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