Amazing properties of amla oil

Indian films have always been attracted by the beauty of the decoration of their heroes, their fervent disposition, their bright makeup and, of course, the chic ringlets of the main characters. Indian women have always been jealous, because almost every girl wanted to have such a luxurious head of hair.

And if you create the right make-up, eliminate some of the shortcomings of the figure with the help of corrective underwear and the right clothes - the task is achievable, then it is not so easy to achieve the ideal appearance of your strands. Then a natural question arises - perhaps Indian women know a special secret? And it turns out that they know, and call it - amla.

The mystery of luxurious hair is revealed

“Indian gooseberry” oil (another name for the product) has long been used in Ayurvedic medicine, which is based solely on the use of natural remedies. But what is this mysterious plant? Amla is a small tree, giving small green fruits that look like gooseberries.

They are one of the richest sources of vitamin C, as well as group B vitamins, calcium, iron, copper and other beneficial compounds. This unique composition is almost impossible to repeat by synthetic means. The basis for creating a product that cares for hair, are oils - vegetable, coconut, sesame. It is in them that the fruits are soaked.

The miraculous properties of "Indian gooseberry"

Amla is one of the most effective means of rejuvenation, also beneficially acting on the locks and scalp. What are the benefits of drugs based on it?

  1. Help fight dandruff. The heated tincture, which should be applied to the scalp after each hair wash, does an excellent job of eliminating signs of seborrhea, and also improves blood circulation in the dermis of the head.
  2. Strengthens. "Indian gooseberry" is a good firming agent for hair follicles, due to which the hairs become more elastic and resilient, they cease to break and fall out. Those who have already tried the remedy on themselves say that it helps even with baldness.
  3. It does not appear premature gray hair.This is due to the fact that amla improves pigmentation of hair, helping to preserve their natural color longer. This is especially noticeable in the dark curls.
  4. Rejuvenation. If you think that this concerns only the skin of the face, you are mistaken. The fruits of aml have a cooling effect on the dermis, thereby enabling the scalp to rest and regenerate more quickly, because only with this condition strong and healthy hairs will appear from the hair follicles.

Features of use

You can buy tincture on the fruit of Amla in pharmacies and specialized Indian shops. Its application does not require much effort or time. All that needs to be done is simply to apply the product to the hair from the tips to the roots, without forgetting to make a light massage of the head. The best result can be achieved by leaving the drug overnight, but 1-2 hours will also have a noticeable therapeutic effect.

Amla oil is difficult to wash off, so after applying the mask you need to thoroughly wash the strands 2-3 times. Oily hair does not require the use of additional cosmetics, and dry after rinsing need to be treated with balm.

The composition of the tincture can often be present henna, so blondes can use it only after testing on a separate strand. Also, it is worthwhile to know that the amla has a rather unpleasant odor, so it is better to perform the procedure in a ventilated room.

Indian gooseberry based masks

In addition to the fact that the oil can be used in its pure form, it is also added to everyday care products (shampoos, balms) and makes various masks based on it.

Moisturizing. This mask is perfect for any type of hair. It is very easy to prepare. Need to mix 2 tbsp. Amla oil with 2 egg yolks, and apply on curls.

With kefir. Effective drug for hair growth. 2 tablespoons Oil and the same amount of kefir should be heated in two tanks in a water bath and in turn applied over the entire length of the strands.

With honey. The nutrients of honey and the unique properties of the plant will not only restore the health of your hair, but also save you from falling out. Oil with honey (2 tablespoons) should be mixed and heated with a water bath, then evenly applied to curls, leaving at least 2-3 hours.

For the "Indian gooseberry", this uncomplicated plant with a huge number of useful properties, it seems, nothing is impossible.It will heal every hair, relieve dandruff and problems with the scalp, and will also help to soon become the owner of long, thick curls that others will admire. This is an effective and, most importantly, inexpensive tool to care for your hair.

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