All wedding anniversaries by year

The wedding march was sounded, all the congratulations and wishes were voiced, all the gifts were received. It's sad, but the wedding day is over. However, you should not get upset - there are still many anniversaries and anniversaries ahead. After all, it is the birthday of a new family, which means it should be celebrated every year, like any birthday. And how could a more important holiday be for a loving couple? In addition, each anniversary has its own meaning and, knowing the names of these anniversaries, you can make the most unusual gifts.

In general, the inhabitants of medieval Germany became the founders of such a pleasant affair as the celebration of an anniversary. Although, by and large, their celebrations were not celebrations of the anniversary of the celebration, but were a continuation of the wedding itself in time. On the very day of the holiday, only close relatives were present, in a couple of weeks they set tables for friends, in a year they gathered to celebrate good acquaintances, a year later - distant relatives.

At us the tradition to celebrate jubilees has appeared in 19-th century.It is true then this “fashion” was distributed only in the upper classes and among wealthy people, a lot of money was needed for the celebration. Gradually, however, the celebration of anniversaries became increasingly popular, and this tradition finally took root in all sectors of society. At the same time, certain rites and folklore began to appear.

Celebration of joint dates of joint life became especially popular in our country in the 80s of the 20th century. In the USSR, strong marriages were generally encouraged, and those who celebrated their 25th, 50th, or 65th anniversary of their wedding were invited to the registry office for a solemn ceremony. In principle, such ceremonies can be organized now, but now you have to pay for everything yourself.

Most of us only know the anniversaries that are celebrated most massively. These are (25 years), (50 years) and (60 years of marriage together). In fact, wedding anniversaries are much larger. Russians, like the British, for example, celebrate about ten such anniversaries. And in accordance with the Russian traditions of such anniversaries around 30, each of them has its own name, which has a certain meaning, each has its own rites, each has its own gifts.

On our site you will find a list of all wedding anniversaries and anniversaries. We will tell you what is the meaning in each of the titles, what should be (by tradition) gifts and how each anniversary is supposed to be celebrated.

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