"Alive, healthy": Rosenbaum denied rumors about oncology

Singer personally reassured fans.

On the eve of the fans, the bard shook the news that he was allegedly struggling with a serious illness. This was allegedly stated by his colleague in the shop, Iosif Kobzon, who himself, as is well known, has long been living with oncology.

“I recommended many people to a clinic in Kashirka, where I regularly undergo examination. Buinova, Rosenbaum treated there. Doesn't it seem strange to you that oncology kills so many intellectual, famous people? I urge everyone to be examined as often as possible. This is a disease that does not tolerate amateur activities, it requires professional care and observation, ”said the People’s Artist of the USSR in the program“ Let Them Talk. ”

After this release, Alexander Rosenbaum was overwhelmed with words of support on his Instagram page. However, he himself in the same social network was quick to refute speculation.

Alexander Yakovlevich is alive and well, and that is what you want
Photo: @ rozenbaum.ru

“I want to reassure my fans.Alive, well, feel great. Currently on vacation. About any oncology and speech can not be. Ugh, ugh, ugh, ”he said. And thank God! Probably, as is often the case, the words of Joseph Kobzon simply misinterpreted: he did not say directly that his colleague was sick, but merely reminded him of the importance of a timely examination.

To pass that at least once a year will not be superfluous to all of us - this can be done in many clinics quickly, painlessly and completely free of charge.

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