Alain Delon announced the completion of a career

The decision is final and not subject to revision! This star of world cinema, said during a visit to St. Petersburg.

But the reason for the visit to the northern capital from Alain Delon was the most positive. Together with his colleague in the shop, 82-year-old actress Sophia Loren, he arrived in the city on the Neva for just one day. And all for the sake of a friend, music producer, founder of the White Nights International Music Festival, Vladimir Kiselyov.

Photo: Andrey Fedechko

It so happened that the anniversary of Kiselev - July 10 he turned 65 years old - coincided with the final day of the festival, which he founded 25 years ago. And the truth: why not a trip to the banks of the Neva? Especially since Delon told the Woman's Day correspondent: “In Russia, I have two friends named Vladimir - Kiselev and Putin”.

In St. Petersburg, the star guests of the producer stayed at the Astoria Hotel - directly opposite St. Isaac's Cathedral, but they did not lose time on walks around the city. So there was practically no chance to meet the sex symbols of the past on the streets of the city, much less to make a selfie with them.Perhaps, only the famous St. Petersburg "catcher of celebrity autographs" Valery Lappalainen was lucky - he made a photo with the actors, catching the stars at the exit from the hotel. Anita Tsoi spun the stars on a joint picture, but already on the sidelines of the Oktyabrsky Concert Hall.

Photo: @anitatsoy

“Sophia Loren,” admirers gasped admiringly when the actors arrived at the service entrance of the concert hall. The 82-year-old actress really was a miracle as good: a slim waist is accentuated by a fitted black dress with floral embroidery, an elegant neckline covered with a silk scarf. Alain Delon - as always impressive and gallant. After sending an air kiss to enthusiastic fans, the actor and his charming companion disappeared behind the doors of the trailer. There, in the dressing room, the artists spent time in conversation with journalists.

“I started acting more than 60 years ago. And firmly complete a film career if not at the end of this year, then at the beginning of the next, Delon was stunned. “I made that decision, and nothing will make me change it.” But you know what I say: I love Russia very much. And it is strange to me that I was never invited to act in Russian cinema. So what are we waiting for? You need to make a movie. ”

So, in one fell swoop, Alain Delon buried the hopes of his fans. Recall the completion of a career in film actor said in May of this year. They say that they will be shot in the fall in yet another picture of love, and voila - in the cinema, either with their feet. As an actor, of course.

Photo: @valera_iz_spb
Photo: @valera_iz_spb

But if Alain Delon came alone, then Sophia Loren was accompanied by her eldest son, conductor Carlo Ponty. A month ago, by the way, he was already in St. Petersburg, presenting the author’s interpretation of Mozart’s 40 symphony in Tsarskoye Selo during the Palaces of St. Petersburg festival.

“My son is here with me. He really likes in Petersburg, - the star admitted and shared the secret of her success. - In spite of everything, you need to have a good soul and a good heart, you need to be absolutely serious in all your endeavors. I have always tried to give myself to people, enjoy life. ”

A few hours later, the actors were invited backstage to the Oktyabrsky Concert Hall. But the audience never saw the star guests. “They were kept in a trailer with a prison window and a SL AD sign standing on the street near the BKZ service station until they left the stage for two hours. And then, when these legends of world cinema, which over 80, literally supporting each other, came along numerous staircases from the trailer backstage, they were also forced to wait there.As a result, Sophie refused to go on stage, and together with Delon they left “Oktyabrskiy”, without going out to viewers who were promised to meet with them throughout the concert, ”eyewitnesses were outraged later on in social networks.

But in the evening Kiselev called the actors to one of the restaurants where guests were entertained by local performers. Under the famous The Best, Tina Turner performed by Anita Tsoi Sophia Loren and Alain Delon almost started dancing.

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