Agreement on the division of property in case of dissolution of a civil marriage

Most couples begin their life together with a civil marriage in order to understand whether they can live together and check their feelings. But almost all of them are unaware that in the event of occurrence of force majeure, for example, the death of one of the spouses of the second right to property will be different than in legal marriage.

On the one hand, civil marriage is somewhat more convenient, but on the other, with a change in relations, one of the parties who invested in the general budget risks being without compensation. Do not forget about what are the responsibilities in such a marriage in relation to children. In the event of a break in relations, the obligation to raise a child is fully assigned to one of the parents, and more often it is the mother. If the relationship after a break is bad, and in most cases it happens, there is a great risk for a woman to find herself without financial support from her ex-husband.Of course, the case can be resolved in court, but the chances for a decision in favor of a woman are far from being so much as in a formal marriage.

You can live in a civil marriage and a quarter of a century and a half a century, but in the event of the death of one of the spouses with the receipt of the inheritance there will be big problems.

The output can be like this. A special agreement is drawn up between civilian spouses, where the costs of partners, the relationship between them are indicated, and also stipulates how the property should be divided in the event of termination of cohabitation. The couple can often think through the points of such an agreement on their own. For example, the clause that in the case of registration of loans during cohabitation payments on them will be divided between the spouses equally.

When drafting such an agreement, it is possible to issue a deliberative order. So, there is an opportunity to receive some kind of guarantee that, in the event of which, the spouse will be able by right of inheritance to claim property acquired in a civil marriage.

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