Age dynamics of fear


First year of life

From the very first month, the baby subjectively perceives the world around him, he has the first fears. Most often they arise from the difficulties of satisfactionphysiological needs:lack of food, sleep, movement, etc. At about 2 months, there is anxiety during a brief separation from the mother. Starting at 6 months, the child begins to experience fear whenunfamiliarpersons, as well as when in unfamiliar surroundings. The baby is afraid of someone else's sounds: the change in the tone of the mother’s voice when she is angry or scolding, harsh or loud sounds.

Fears from 1 to 3 years

Parents who believe that the child is still too small to understand their quarrels are very mistaken. He may not understand, but he feels everything perfectly. In the absence of conflicts in the family, the child may not form such anxiety due to the “strange” behavior of adults.

A child under three years old needs attention more than ever.He interferes with the conversations of adults, screams, capricious. Typical for this agefear of loneliness and lack of emotional support.

Fears from 3 to 5 years

This period is the time when the child realizes his own “I.” The child can already express his feelings to similar words. That is why parents' careless phrases (“you will not obey, I will stop being friends with you!”, Etc.) are postponed in the mind of a child in the form of anxieties and fears. He takes these words too literally and to heart,afraid that he will really cease to love, will not be friends with himetc.

In this age period is very common“Triad of fears”: loneliness, darkness, closed space. The kid calls his mother, asks to turn on the lamp and open the door. In order not to aggravate the situation, you should not try to “teach the mind to reason” of the child, closing him alone in a dark room so that he is used to. This does not help, but will only harm the psyche of the child.

In 3-5 years the world surrounding the child is filled with his ownby imagination. Here, his mother reads a tale about an evil gray wolf to him, and now the child imagines that the wolf is standing outside the door of his room.Basically, such fears arise from a lack of attention and a sense of protection.

Fears from 5 to 7 years

At this age, there is a peak in the number of fears in a child. The strongest is usuallyfear of death.The child begins to realize that sooner or later this will happen to everyone. Fear of war, attacks (including fairy-tale characters, like at the age of 3-5 years), animals, a hurricane, etc.

The child forms values, awareness of culture and rules of behavior. That is why children of this age are inherentfear of being late. In a situation of waiting for something, he is very nervous, constantly asking if they will come on time, if Mom set the alarm, etc. Along with a nervous feeling of anticipation is the fear of entering school. This fear is most pronounced in children with older brothers / sisters who negatively responded to the difficulty of studying at school.

Fears from 7 to 11 years

The child is preschool self-centeredness, andthe fear of death takes on a new form. Now he is afraid not for himself, but for relatives, friends, but most of all - for his parents.

A new kind of acquires and the fear of not meeting social norms.The child is afraid not to meet the expectations of his parents, bring home a notebook with a deuce, answer the board incorrectly, do not correspond to the “coolness” of his comrades, etc.

Fears from 11 to 16 years

Normally, all childhood fears and anxieties in adolescence should be smoothed out. There are new fears associated with the maturation of the child and the development of his self-esteem. He is afraidbe "not yourself"i.e. do not meet your own requirements for yourself.

Adolescents are experiencing physical and physiological restructuring, which is why many of them begin to complex because of their appearance,afraid not to like the opposite sex.

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