A few tips for flat feet

You can not get rid of, but you can ease the pain. And, of course, the first thing to do is to abandon high heels and low-quality shoes. The high heel is in itself an ordeal for the foot, and if flat feet are present it is doubly. Shoes, on the other hand, should be comfortable and of high quality so that the foot is as comfortable as possible. This is not the case to save. Health is more expensive.

We can not neglect orthopedic insoles. They relieve tension, well distribute the load on the foot and turn it inwards.

Daily foot baths help relieve tension and pain in the feet. In warm water, you can add sea salt or decoctions of herbs sage, chamomile.

Butadion (or indomethacin) ointment helps with pains of the joints of the foot. It is necessary to rub it in until completely absorbed, preferably after baths, when the skin of the feet is steamed.

There is also a special gymnastics with flat feet:

1. Flexion and extension of the toes.

2Circular motion stops inside.

3. Pulling towels towards you with your toes.

4. Capturing and lifting small items from the floor with toes.

5. Pressing the toes on the floor from a standing position.

6. Transfer of body weight from foot to foot, to the outer edge of the foot.

7. Rolling from toe to the outer edge of the foot.

8. Rolling a ribbed pencil with bare feet in a sitting position.

Exercise can be completed by walking barefoot with bent toes. Exercises should be performed 6-8 times at a slow pace and daily. They are very good for pain and help to strengthen the muscles of the legs. In addition, this gymnastics can prevent the occurrence of flatfoot. Therefore, it can be done not only to those who suffer from this disease. Exercise is good for everyone.

When flatfoot is very important to walk barefoot. Especially on the grass, sand. Well, if the soil is uneven under your feet - this additionally trains your feet. In addition, walking barefoot has a general tempering effect. And this, too, should not be neglected.

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