8 knitted things for a warm (and not so) summer

Only we managed to put all warm things out into the closet, as summer prepared us an unpleasant surprise - a prolonged cooling in which, with a positive approach, you can find at least two advantages: first, in cool weather, it is easier to force yourself to concentrate on work while waiting for a vacation, planned for the end of summer, and secondly, you can not remove far knitted clothes and still indulge in multi-layered, making up complex images that can be transformed during the day according to the weather. In this compilation, we set ourselves the task of proving that knitted clothing can in principle be called all-season, therefore we collected things in it that can be worn in +10 and +35.

Knitted Cardigan-Robe

Let's start with the most "nonstop" things, in place of which there should have been a light kimono of silky fabric and with the same style of a dressing gown. But I don’t want to trust the weather lately, so we’ll just consider the option of a cold British summer with short shorts,but warm riding and off-season shoes.

Cotton Mango Jacquard Cardigan

Cotton Jacquard Cardigan (6 999 rub.)

Pearl Knit Top

This lyrical top with a barely visible embroidery in beads looks like an analog of that white t-shirt, but only in an elegant style, which means it decisively approaches all the things that you put on in the summer for work: short pants, midi skirts and costume shorts.

Uterque Knit Top With Pearls

Uterque Knit Top with Pearls (RUB 8,490)

Knitted sweater mesh

A cunning device with a piece of clothing that only appears as a decoration: there are too many holes on this sweater to call it a warm winter thing, but in combination with a T-shirt exactly the color it looks like a thoughtful sexy thing in which the warming properties are not at all the main thing.

Knitted sweater mesh Helmut Lang

Knitted sweater-mesh Helmut Lang (10,700 rubles. At a discount of 60%)

Asymmetrical knit top dress

This novelty of the last season - a hybrid of a knitted dress and a top with necessarily present cuts (in front, behind or on the side) - has so many uses that you can literally leave all summer. The bottom with such a top can be any, provided that it is rather narrow - a pencil skirt, skinny jeans, trousers or shorts.

Monk knitted dress

Knitted Monki Dress (2 250 rub.)

Knitted top with open shoulders

In summer, open shoulders will be guaranteed everywhere as soon as the weather permits, so we succumbed to the temptation to add something in this style to a selection of knitted items, especially since this top looks nostalgic, as if it actually belonged to your mom.

 Asos Knit Off Shoulder Top

Knitted trousers

The thing for true hippies in the soul, to which it’s not long legs that are required (sandals on the heel and on the platform will be saved from the same 1970s), but an ironic approach to your own style, because everything that is unusual in these pants is color , and the material, and a slightly shocking transparent effect, as if you were wearing tight lace tights instead of pants.

Knit Flared Trousers Mink Pink

Knit pants flared Mink Pink (7 900 rub.)

Knitted T-shirt with straps

If you tell a grandma to tie you this shirt, most will definitely “buy it” and take your word for it - this top is too much like a home-made thing that has been invested with love for you. .

New Look Knitted T-shirt

New Look Knitted Tank Top (1 400 Rub.)

Transparent knitted dress for the beach

The For Love & Lemons brand swimsuits and beach dresses are so sexy that only for them I want to quickly plan a vacation, and for the sets of underwear - dating.Specifically, this dress has a fascinating texture - a large openwork lace of thick, like rubberized cotton.

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