8 familiar things we use wrong

It turns out that many items of clothing and everyday life known to us had completely different purposes.

This is how it happens: scientists and inventors have been working on genius ideas for decades, and then we, and in some cases immediately use them with a completely different meaning ... And sometimes very unpredictable!


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In the summer and all year round in hot countries, we cannot even imagine a walk without dark sunglasses. And if we forget them at home, we immediately recall frightening articles about the dangers of ultraviolet for our eyes ... Fortunately, a great number of brands now offer glasses for every taste and color, so that in most cases they also become the main fashion accessory. But the snag is that our ancestors invented dark glasses for a completely different purpose. And about any protection from the sun then there was no question!

It is known that the first dark glasses appeared in the XII century in ancient China.The judges used them so that those around them could not understand their true feelings by the eyes. At the same time in the XVIII century, similar glasses, but not with black, but with blue and green glasses, were used by ordinary people. But also not from the sun, but in order, as scientists said at that time, to improve eyesight (supposedly a person could see better in lenses of special colors). And only at the beginning of the 20th century, Hollywood stars began to be fashioned by dark glasses. At first, celebrities wore them on the set, protecting their eyes from ultraviolet lamps, and then they began to go out to the beach.

High heel shoes

Despite the fact that in recent years, in the trend of sneakers, sneakers and shoes on a flat run, every girl and woman still have heel shoes. For special issues, of course. Anyway, and such shoes visually lengthens the legs and makes the figure slimmer. No wonder no Hollywood diva can do without shoes on the red carpet of an important event. However, a few centuries ago, heels were intended not for women, but for ... their men!

The first mentions of this fact can be found in the annals of the distant IX century in the description of the Persian army. Yes, yes, we were not mistaken.It was the soldiers who first began to walk in heels. And this, it was said, helped them to confidently keep their foot in the stirrups during the fighting. Surprisingly, over time, European men from the upper classes began to wear shoes, already as a fashion trend. Only in the XVIII century, a strong half of humanity stopped wearing heels, so as not to have the same thing with women.

Small (fifth) pocket on jeans

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Previously, only American workers wore jeans, and now this is the most fashionable thing in the wardrobe. And how many models of this thing offer brands - do not count! However, many even the most ardent fans of jeans believe that a small fifth pocket on them was made solely for beauty or, at worst, for difference from trousers. But it is not.

In the XX century, the secret pocket was designed for ... hours on a chain, without which no one could do then (as we now without an IPhone). At the same time, American workers used a pocket for nails and other items that could easily get lost.

Tea bags

Tea bags - must-have for business and busy people. Put it in a mug of boiling water and drink to your health, enjoying the taste and smell.However, to praise the one who came up with this idea would not be entirely correct. The fact is that in the 1900s, an American seller, Thomas Sullivan, invented putting tea in small bags (then they were made of silk) not for us to stop using the teapot. Thus, he decided to increase the production of goods, reducing its portions.

The inventor was confident that buyers, taking the goods, would guess to get it out of the bag and put it in a safe place. But no matter how. People started making tea the way we are used to. And reassure them later it was in vain. Besides, this idea was picked up by many tea brands. That's how everything genius turns out to be simple.


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None of the gym today can not do without a treadmill. Of course, no one argues that running is more useful in parks and forests, and not in the halls. But with the fact that on the simulator, choosing the speed and options in the form of lifting, it is easier to lose weight or swing muscles, you can not argue. In addition, on the track you can run (or walk) more kilometers. In general, this, whatever one may say, is a brilliant invention. But ... even many athletes and coaches do not know that for the first time such a tool was invented not for health, but for ... punishment!

In the 1800s, a design very reminiscent of a modern treadmill (but without buttons, of course) was used by prisoners. Under the supervision of a guard, they had to rearrange the legs on a special tape, while holding their hands on the sticks.


It is now we can safely wear a T-shirt for show, but before that it was nonsense! From the beginning of the First World War, only men walked in it and exclusively as underwear. This continued until the 1950s, until some rebellious youth groups began to take to the streets in t-shirts as protests. In the 60s and 70s, they continued to be boldly worn by representatives of hippies and other informal movements. And only by 1980, this thing comes into vogue. And continues to be fashionable so far. And in a variety of variations.

Sleeping pillow

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There are no pillows in our time! And round, and rectangular, and square. They are used as a decor, and for sleep. With such a deal it is very difficult to believe, but many centuries ago only very wealthy people used a pillow. And it was not as comfortable as it is now. And it was made of ... wood or stone.

But this was their goal - the pillow had to serve as a stand under the head, so as not to spoil the hairstyle. And in Japan, this method was used until the XIX century. Remember how it was told in the film “Memoirs of a Geisha”?

Bubble film

Pyzarchatuyu film, which is usually wrapped in fragile items or equipment, especially love children. What a pleasure to click on these very bubbles! And it is impossible to imagine that in fact such a film was invented for another purpose.

It is known that in the 50s, Alfred Fielding and Mark Chavann created it as ... wallpaper. It was assumed that this film would be easy to clean and thus make life easier for people. But it did not. IBM began to wrap computers into film, and then other brands began to actively use it.

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