79-year-old Jane Fonda is not afraid to star without a photoshop

In December, Jane Fonda will celebrate her 80th birthday. But is it possible to believe in it, looking at such an active woman? She continues to act in films (soon in the cinemas a romantic film “Our souls at night” about two widowed neighbors who struggle with loneliness), easily agrees to take part in shows (went to the podium at the request of L'Oréal Paris with Helen Mirren) and even ... to shoot in the magazine without retouching! So, on the cover of the November issue of Town & Country you can see all the wrinkles of Jane Fonda, and she does not hesitate them at all! “It’s impossible to be perfect,” says the winner of two Oscars. But now, in response to a question about how she manages to look so amazing at her age, she prefers to keep silent about plastic operations that she honestly told about in the past, quitting: “Good education, a favorable angle and care about yourself.”

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