7 smart erotic films instead of "50 shades"

On February 8, the final part of the erotic film adaptation of E. L. James “50 shades of freedom” was released on the big screens. Finally, fans of the saga, especially those who have not read the book, will find out if Anastacia Steele and Christian Gray can find their “happily ever after.” Interestingly, the screen version was not scolded only lazy, because, compared with the book, it came out really gray, dull and unemotional. There is no passion between the main characters, there is no sincerity, sincerity is not felt, but the templates are overflowing. In order not to be completely disappointed in the films of the “ero” genre, we suggest you look at other pictures where the passion of the characters burns through the screen.

"The last tango in Paris", 1972

It is said that the plot of the film is partly based on the sexual fantasies of the director of the film - Bernardo Bertolucci, as well as on the influence of Francis Bacon’s paintings. The action takes place in the late 60s, in Paris. Paul is a mysterious, strong, gloomy, serious and slightly rude man who deeply survives the death of his wife.Zhanna is a young actress, free, liberated, eccentric and willing to love. They find each other at a time when they need support. Only this support is more likely not moral, but sexual.

Marlon Brando and Maria Schneider 100% coped with their roles, conveyed the sincerity and experiences of their heroes. It is noteworthy that after the filming of this film, the actors firmly decided to never again appear in erotic content tapes, because Bertolucci demanded such a return from them that in the end the game devastated them and made them neglect their body for some time.

9½ weeks, 1985

An interesting coincidence, but the hero of the film (or rather, the autobiographical novel Elizabeth MacNeill, according to which the picture was taken), just like in the 50 shades saga, Gray, but you believe the heroes of "9 ½ weeks" are much more. The plot revolves around the relationship between rich investor with Wall Street John Gray and a divorced gallery employee Elizabeth McGraw. It seems that their meeting was predetermined by the stars, because you can’t explain the intoxicating craving for each other, which lasts between the characters for exactly 9 ½ weeks.They are not afraid to experiment with role-playing games, to use in the rush of love all edible and inedible things. But John is not so simple and good as it seems ...

"The Bitter Moon", 1992

A dramatic erotic film about destroying love, hatred, neglect, moral decay, perversion and tragic all-encompassing passion. One morning, two people met on the bus - a 40-year-old Oscar and a 20-year-old Mimi. The romance in this relationship was zero, they were interested in experiments and how far each one was willing to go. It turned out that very far ... However, the erotic scenes in the film are so unobtrusive and beautiful that they serve only as a tool to create the right atmosphere, but they are not central.

Eyes Wide Shut, 1999

The last work of the cult director Stanley Kubrick, based on the story of Arthur Schnitzler's "Novella about dreams." The plot tells of a happy and happy married couple Harford. Only behind external calmness and measured life there is a hurricane of passion, mad emotions, dissatisfaction and forbidden desires ... Each spouse wants something new, beyond and anti-moral, and everyone hides his “skeletons in the closet”.Will the spouses be able to agree among themselves, to preserve the mystery of personal life and not to embark on all the serious things separately?

The Pianist, 2001

A complex and rather heavy erotic drama about the relationship between a teacher and a student. Erika is a modest professor at the Vienna Conservatory, who lives with her mother and obeys her rules. However, under the bed, she hides a set of sadomasochistic tools, secretly visits the porn shops and sometimes plays in the "bad" daughter, in order to piss off the despotic mother. Walter - a young man, a student of the Conservatory, in love with Eric. The poor fellow, because he doesn’t suspect what his “meek” teacher will do — she doesn’t want to be rescued, but wants to be a victim, tortured and tortured, as her mother has done for many years.

"Dreamers", 2003

Paris. Spring. 1968 Protesting students, barricades in the streets. Revolution is coming. Against the background of these events, three young people are immersed in their crazy world where they watch movies and experiment with sex. They do not care about the riots in the streets, they care only about what is happening in their soul and the apartment where they live. And the unconsciousness and the dirt that they bred in the walls of the apartment borders on real madness and smacks of incest.Do they understand the consequences of such psychological games and erotic experiments? The film was shot in the best traditions of Bernardo Bertolucci: the director never changes his favorite genre, and each new masterpiece falls into the soul of the audience, causing mixed impressions.

"Young and beautiful", 2013

The French erotic drama of a young girl named Isabel, in front of which all the doors are open, but she seeks to discover only those that do not impose on her society. She works as a prostitute, meets with rich elderly clients in hotel rooms, in the process getting not only money, but also a dubious pleasure from work. Isabelle's soul is pure and pure, despite the dirty profession and what it allows customers to do with themselves. It seems to her that in this way she personifies feminism, tries to run away from reality and make men pay for their dishonesty ... Isabel thinks that she sets the rules of the game and that she uses men and subordinates them to herself. Only a young heart is confused, and getting out of the vicious circle will not be so easy.

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