7 facts about children that Trump usually holds back

The heirs of the 45th President of the United States have something to hide, almost everyone has a skeleton hidden in a closet.

Even when Trump was not at the helm of America, and was one of the richest people on the planet, he always proudly showed his family to the world. Why not, if the wife is beautiful, the eldest daughter is clever, the sons are all in father? That's just like in any family, everyone and even Trump has secrets that you want to hide away to get out of sight. The editors of Woman’s Day found out about what “achievements” of children Mr. President would not tell with pride.

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Prodigal son

Donald trump jrHe is the eldest of the President’s offspring, he is 39 years old. A boy was born when Donald was married to his first Czech model Czech wife.Ivanoy Trump. The firstborn received a decent education at the University of Pennsylvania and a degree in economics. And then he suddenly left for Colorado and lounged for a whole year.

While his father was building his business empire,Trump Jr. hunted, fished and worked as a bartender ... However, a year later, life far from parental money Donald got bored, he returned to New York, joined the Trump Organization and now runs the company of his father. Not life, but a fairy tale. He took, and from the bartenders - the vice-presidents of a large corporation!

Cruel hunter

And this is again aboutDonald Jr.. Once in an interview, the guy said that the hunt did a lot for his growing up, in the sense that he did not let him get into trouble. What kind of trouble the heir to the president had in mind remains a mystery. But the photos in which Donald was captured during a safari in Zimbabwe with a dead wild animal in his arms became public knowledge and did not have the best effect on the reputation of the President’s son. Trump Jr. is particularly disliked by animal advocates.

I wonder if the five Donald children know that their dad is killing tigers? By the way, Trump Junior and Senior are similar, both of them have five heirs. True, the youngest, unlike his father, as he married in 2005, the model Vanessa Heydon, and lives with her, but Mr. President is married for the third time.

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