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7 assistants in the fight against a sedentary lifestyle

Many modern people, unfortunately, are predominantly sedentary. They get to work by car, they sit in the office all the time, at lunchtime they talk on the phone or surf the Internet, have a snack and sit back at their desk. At home, in their free time they usually sit at the computer or in front of the TV. A sedentary lifestyle leads to numerous negative health effects. How to help yourself?
7 assistants in the fight against a sedentary lifestyle
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Fitness. It is not necessary to sign up in the gym, exhaust yourself with numerous workouts. It is possible to enroll in the pool or dance. Invite your sister, husband, brother, girlfriend with you, it will be much more fun to walk around.
If you can not pay for classes, you can always study at home. A light jog or walk in the morning or in the evening, warm up at lunchtime, and exercise in the morning will do.There is a huge number of sets of exercises that can be viewed on the Internet.
At least for the weekend, forget about such pleasure as transportation. Better walk, and you can also use the stairs instead of the elevator.
Change your lifestyle. Typically, a man goes to the store, to kindergarten for the child, takes out the garbage, and the woman is engaged in household chores. Sometimes you can do the opposite: let the woman walk around the shops, go to the kindergarten for the child, and the man at this time, for example, will prepare dinner.
Dancing. Now the opportunity to dance mostly falls on holidays and corporate parties, but you can dance at home. This is a good way to lose weight, as well as increase its activity.
Furniture. The bed should be moderately hard, the pillow - low and not too soft. Use the comfortable chair at work or at home.
Massage. At least once a month, visit a masseuse. It will help get rid of osteochondrosis and other sores.
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7 assistants in the fight against a sedentary lifestyle
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