6 cheap brands of bags worth paying attention to

We admit to ourselves honestly, a bag that looks like a solid five and at the same time is inexpensive, it is very difficult to find it. Usually one thing works: either the bag has an impeccable look and the price of a used car (sometimes not even a domestic one), or the price does not "bite", but the accessories, the quality of the leather, and the length of the socks also give cheapness. We seriously wondered if we could find some kind of "golden mean" between them, and we went through six decent brands of bags that do not inflate the price, but at the same time they keep quality. In case you have been looking for a single bag for a long time, which will serve, if not forever, then for sure a very long time, this review is very useful to you.


The price of bags: from 900 rubles.

In this Portuguese brand you fall in love with the purchase of the first bag. Firstly, because even without a sale, all bags without exception, and with them purses, clutches, suitcases, umbrellas and many more accessories are worth the money here.Secondly, the design of bags is practical and not pretentious - there are options with prints, and there are quite serious "office" bags. For those who are always faced with the search for things on the bottom of the bag, Parfois came up with a cool way out of the situation: a bag in a bag that can still turn inside out and change color.

Parfois Shopping Bag

Parfois Shopping Bag (1 699 rubles)

Parfois bag with long handle

Parfois bag on a long handle (1 699 rubles)


The price of bags: from 3 700 rubles.

The brand Primecut comes from Portland, and the bag makes a cocky and stylish, relying more on eccentricity than on the classics. For example, in the collection of Primecut there is a whole series of bags imitating the skin of cows and zebras with the corresponding color, there are suede clutches "under the camel" pastel shades, as well as fluffy mini envelopes for coins and keys. The unusual texture is undoubtedly a ridge of Primecut, therefore, the bags, with a fairly common shape, are original.

Primecut Clutch Bag

Primecut clutch bag (8 600 rub.)

Primecut Clutch

Primecut Clutch (5,800 rubles)


The price of bags: from 5 000 rub.

The British brand Dune has a rigorous approach to accessories - all things are made soundly and modern with the expectation of an urban style. Bags Dune work out much better than clutches - the latter look too much in the spirit of Paris Hilton with a gold edging and material "under the reptile."Bags are quite elegant, with appropriate accessories, which does not give out an accessory to an economical brand, and a lot of pockets. Dune is sold immediately in several online stores, and catching these bags is best during discounts, when the price goes down by half.

Dune bag with long strap

Bag Dune on a long strap (4 583 rubles at a discount)

Dune Tote with Removable Wallet

Bag-Tote Dune with a removable purse (7 023 rub.)

Cath Kidston

The price of bags: from 1 000 rub.

The original British brand Cath Kidston makes bags cheerful and with a vintage mood, inspired by the English country style, and in addition to bags there are also lots of nice-looking knick-knacks from cases and pens to boxes for lunch and photo frames. To mark this brand for yourself is the case when you are in search of a nice gift for a friend, sister or yourself - for example, you want to buy a light travel bag with a cheerful print or a backpack for trips out of town.

Cath Kidston Bag Case

Cath Kidston Bag Case (2 160 rub.)

Cath Kidston bag with long handle

Cath Kidston on the long handle (2 160 rub.)

Deux lux

The price of bags: from 4 000 rubles.

Deux Lux - one of the most interesting democratic brands of accessories, which appeared in online stores recently. This idea was started by two girlfriends-designers, and, inspired by architectural motives, they create collections of bags,that contain all the girlish desires on the subject of this accessory - from festive sequined clutches and “inflated” backpacks for traveling to stylish bags of simple shapes, which at times seem to copy Céline or Bottega Veneta, which, however, is related to the ratio “price - Quality does not affect negatively.

 Backpack Deux Lux
Bag shopper Deux Lux

Bag-shopper Deux Lux (5 170 rubles)

The Cambridge Satchel Company

The price of bags: from 5 000 rub.

Translated from English, satchel is a satchel, and it was this model of schoolbag bags The Cambridge Satchel Company that became famous several years ago. Those same satchels are still available and almost in all colors of the rainbow and in sizes from tiny to roomy. And along with them, the brand now also produces concise models of everyday bags without any extra details - such people will like many for their unbiased design and excellent quality of dense genuine leather.

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