5 myths about skin cleansing, which is time to stop believing

Myth 1: you need to wash with cold water

This advice was given to me in due time by my mother, who, for lack of an alternative, she did her whole life in Soviet life. My morning cruise always horrified me. The prospect of starting the day with cold shock therapy did not inspire in any way to care for myself, therefore I diligently avoided it. And when, nevertheless, it was possible to force myself to rinse your face with ice water, the skin was incredibly tight, some areas even burned from such shock temperatures. But I thought of myself that redness is the result of increased blood circulation, that it is very useful and I am good from the inside. It was not very consoling. I didn’t notice cleansing as such (and it’s hard to wash well when my hands are cold), but the consumption of moisturizer has increased significantly. And along with it, there appeared a violation of sebum secretion, clogged up with an overabundance of pore moistening and kuperoz on the wings of the nose.

5 myths about skin cleansing, which is time to stop believing

Washing with cold, ice and hot water is harmful. Ideally, the water should be a comfortable room temperature, slightly cooler than the body temperature. Water below 18 degrees causes an instantaneous rush of blood, tension, and then prolonged relaxation of the superficial facial muscles responsible for skin tone. If the shock therapy continues systematically, then you can safely say goodbye to the elasticity of the skin. Not to mention the narrowing and injury of blood vessels that can turn into rosacea and rosacea. If the water is at a temperature above 22 degrees, it will lead to the expansion of pores, which is good only at the reception at the beautician. If you wash your face with too hot water in the morning, an excess of moisturizer, cosmetics and sebum will fall into the enlarged pores, which can eventually turn into inflammations, comedones and pimples.

Myth 2: Cleans soap best

And it is true. The alkali, which is part of the usual lumpy soap for the body, perfectly removes impurities and even gives some peeling effect, dissolving the lightest dead skin layer. That is why for a long time I struggled with teenage skin problems with soap.It gave an incredible feeling of purity “to the creak”, lightness, the feeling that the skin breathes. However, the soap mercilessly dried the skin, therefore, as in the case of washing with cold water, the consumption of moisturizers has increased markedly. Later, realizing the school course of physics, I realized that the PH-balance of the skin noticeably wobbles, which is why habitual care products could behave unpredictably: irritation appeared on previously working serums, favorite moisturizing refused to work, and tonics instead of freshness only dried face. Although the skin was clean after washing with soap, it was under constant stress.

5 myths about skin cleansing, which is time to stop believing

But I liked this “squeaky” effect so much that I didn’t immediately abandon the soap. At first I switched to a special weakly alkaline soap for the face, and then I found my own “texture” of cleansing agent. For oily and prone to oily skin, gel-like products are suitable - moderately thick and elastic, which are in a dense layer in contact with contaminants and cleaned deep enough. Gel textures include all cleansing masks, including clay ones. For dry and sensitive skin, lighter means is suitable - foams, creamy foaming milk or hydrophilic oil. They will not only be effective in cleansing, but also delicate to the face.

Myth 3: Oily skin should be “scrubbed” as often as possible.

In the humid climate of St. Petersburg, my skin turns into a greasy pancake. And soft tap water and the absence of the sun only aggravate the situation. The first few months in the northern capital, I washed my face not just every day, but 3-4 times a day. And the more often I washed my face, the more intense and aggressive the means were, the worse the situation was. Along with the pollution and excess sebum, I constantly “washed off” the natural lipid balance, so my skin tried to shine even more in attempts to recover somehow. A vicious circle from which it was not so easy to break out. Then I was saved by argan oil with its essential fatty acids. No matter how paradoxical it may sound, but only after calming the already oily skin, I managed to find a compromise and harmony in cleansing.

5 myths about skin cleansing, which is time to stop believing

For my combi-skin, which is prone to dryness, or to oily skin, it is sufficiently deep cleansing at intervals of 3-4 days. And it can be anything: peels with acids, clay masks, scrubs, polishing exfoliants, brushes and sponges. But by no means every day.For dry, normal and sensitive skin, it is recommended to do an intensive cleansing and even less often - once every one and a half to two weeks.

Myth 4: Waterless washing is the most natural of all.

A few years ago, a real hysteria happened in the Internet environment: the desire to abandon “chemistry” turned into a fashion to smear everything that was lying in the fridge - sour cream, eggs, tea infusions and decoctions, even a mayonnaise recipe. And at the same time, “waterless washing” with the help of oils or tonics came into vogue. At that time, the world knew little about micellar water, so they twisted as best they could. In the wake of a general natural hobby, I also tried to take off makeup and wash with pharmacies (pharmacy means natural, ha!) Apricot and almond oils. Makeup from the eyes, they really shot pretty well, were comfortable and neutral, but that's it. How to remove skin contamination with oil is still a mystery to me. In my opinion, this is the same as breeding even more dirt on the face. Wet soaking does not save the situation, because the skin still does not breathe and requires H2O.

5 myths about skin cleansing, which is time to stop believing

However, in anhydrous washing it makes sense, especially if it is an emergency and a forced measure.For example, if you burned in the sun, failed to go to the beautician or there was irritation on the skin, and what exactly is not clear. In this case, the real salvation is micellar water, not oils. This transparent solution of esters of fatty acids really attracts and binds the dirt, allowing them to be removed from the skin without friction and excessive mechanical impact.

Myth 5: scrubs and scrubs - evil

I inherited from my parents a very thin, almost transparent aristocratic-pale skin. As well as a predisposition to problems with the vessels, which can turn into varicose veins and couperosis on the face. Unfortunately, not everything can be eliminated with the help of beauty care, and sometimes you have to accept your features as they are. Cosmetologists, as if by arrangement, made terrible eyes and vetoed all peelings, scrubs, brushes and sponges. According to their recommendations, I should wash with delicate foam or regularly go to their reception, otherwise disastrous troubles will unfold on my face. And, to admit, they scared me. So much so that for almost a year I did not use the means listed, regularly visiting a cosmetologist.And what would you think? In addition to the ugly spoiled enlarged pores and the sharply thin budget, I received nothing.

5 myths about skin cleansing, which is time to stop believing

Exfoliating exfoliation is an essential component of any cleansing. Peeling always ennobles the skin, of whatever type and with whatever features it may be. It will rid oily skin from excess sebum, dead skin cells and problems with impaired sebaceous excretion. Dry skin will help to renew and better perceive moisturizing ingredients. An aged skin scrub with soft polymer particles will give the necessary massage and speed up the process of cell regeneration, which slows down over the years. In addition, peeling can visually reduce pores, restore a healthy complexion, get rid of traces of post-acne, photo-aging and age spots.

And in conclusion, I will say about the last major delusion. Throughout my life, I tried to change my skin and make it perfect: remove enlarged pores under zero, erase freckles, make it not so pale and more tanned, cure all problems once and for all. And in this pursuit of perfection, I often forgot about the importance of an elementary cleansing for the skin.The active ingredients of the cream will not save the situation, the serum will not return youth and tone, if the face is trite dirty. All the ingredients and natural compositions simply do not reach the goal, if the pores are clogged with sebum, and the epidermis is covered with dead and coarse scales. Natural beauty, which more than one generation of women is trying to keep up with, is elementary purity. And about her should worry first.

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